The art of winning the cyber war

The cybersecurity war is showing no sign of a truce. Therefore, organizations need to continue to arm themselves with a watertight defense, while ensuring that their customers are fully protected too – we all know the consequences if hackers manage to find a way through.

Except many companies are not too sure how much a cyber-attack would cost them – and it is often a lot more than they think.
Researches show that three quarters of decision makers believe that cyber-attacks will cost their company less than I million dollars but the actual numbers are much higher. There are many reasons on why companies are so far out with their estimates.

Cyber criminals have adopted new tactics including ransomware attacks, which are proving very costly for businesses. Companies need to adapt their security strategies and educate their employees accordingly to ensure they do not fall victim to an attack, which could cost them millions of dollars.
At IT Gurus of Atlanta, apart from distributing and implementing products that make money, we work to ensure that our client’s data is safe.
One of the major ways is to get additional security support is to have a security strategy. It pays to have a security strategy that leaves no room for doubt. Sometimes that means acquiring external security support. It is important to get end-to-end security support solutions in companies and government agencies which are operating in some of the most high-risk industries.

All this helps in making sure that your business is safe and your clients’ needs are met. IT Gurus of Atlanta aims to ensure that companies adopt a highly scalable, targeted and focused approach to manage all aspects of their security support. This allows our clients to easily focus on the growth of their business, despite the fact whether they are our regular clients or not.

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