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Artificial Embryos – Gateway To Human Cloning!

Saturday, March 24th, 2018

As the world gears and braces for the inevitable impacts of Artificial Intelligence, Robots, and full automation, many are left with questions. Some people are worried about jobs as they diminish, and automation increases, there are concerns over where the job market will be headed. It’s amazing to grasp that just a few years ago, the computer, the internet, and the whole concept of technology took a foothold in society. Right now, because of the uprising, many jobs have literally disappeared and other once never thought of jobs now exist. The truth is that life and society change every day. The key that all of us need to understand is that for us to not get left behind, then we must learn, adapt, and change. We are either the ones changing the world, or the world will change us. Many fear that the combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence will spawn a new race of robots which will have their own version of right or wrong. However, the one discovery which has managed to go below the radars is very significant, even more so than AI, is the creation of “Artificial Embryos”.

In case you took a breather and did a recheck of what was said in the last paragraph, you are correct in what you read. An embryo is what cells combine to form and what houses the beginnings of life. We all as mammals start out as embryos after fertilization takes place. The embryo develops the cells which in turn have their own DNA sequence that multiply and divide, then manifest into different parts of the body which determine sex, hair color, arm length, bone structure, and all the characteristics of an offspring.  All of this comes from an embryo.  There are constant studies and new developments as scientists do research on this mysterious, yet crucial part of life.  Yue Shao, whom has a background in Biomedical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering made an astounding discovery during this research and experimentation that has profound possibilities in the world of biology.

Yue Shao has been experimenting with stem cells and scaffolds of soft gel to determine replication of neural tissue. By pure accident and experimentation, Dr. Shao stumbled upon more than was bargained for.  The cells in the gel began to change and rapidly arrange at rate that was astounding. They began to form a lopsided circle.  In comparison, the embryo that Dr. Shao created was very much aligned with the same type of embryo which was in the uterine wall and starting to form the amniotic sac. The human embryo and the embryo that Dr. Shao was working on was identical.  The possibilities of this developing into a human required the Dr. to reach out to other groups to determine what to do with the embryo.

After more research and development, the team determined that the embryo would not fully develop into a human being because it did not have the cells required to form major organs such as a brain, heart, or placenta.  However, even though the “embryoids” lacked the required cells, because of their indistinguishable likeness to that of human embryos, the team has been destroying the embryos in formaldehyde and detergent. The ethical repercussions of the embryo going full term and what would come out of that development is too much of a risk to bring to light currently.  This does not stop Pandora’s box which has already been opened to push other researchers to now want to create a full human embryo. One particular group in Cambridge, U.K., has since developed a very convincing 6 day old mouse embryo and are now pushing the limits to create a human embryo.

Many may ask and wonder if the goal is to replicate human beings or to develop another race. For now researchers are limiting the research to focus on combining different stem cells to create bits of lung, intestine, and brain cells to make tissue.  By the discovery of Dr. Shao, the race is now in place and the torch has been lit for the group to first develop an actual human embryo.  A research group in Rockefeller University out of New York has joined the race and they are dubbing the new technology to be called “synthetic embryology”. 


This breakthrough is biologist have been searching for as previous attempts at creating an embryo resulted in embryos only growing up to a week before diminishing.  The new discovery was growing at such a rapid rate that superseded previous attempts that the team with Dr. Shao had to terminate the process because they had no concept of what the embryo would have developed into.   Up until now much of the events that take place during the development of a human from the embryo stage is still a mystery.  Human cloning and creating replicas of a person are all on the table with this epic discovery. Now the possibilities of unlocking the process beyond the failed attempts are currently on the table due to Dr. Shao.

To take this to another level, the possibilities of creating real skin, human organs and human traits would take an android to another level of advancements towards being more like human beings. With the advancements of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and now stem research, the possibilities are now endless. Where we will go with these advancements as we open doors, we will have to see the direction that we allow the technology to lead us.  Infusing technology and biology is a conception which has been brought to light many years ago from the introduction of the computer.  With the influx of data being readily available and the communication expansions that have connected us all allows for these developments to surge and expand. The more questions that we ask is the more technology responds with answers and advancements. IT GURUS OF ATLANTA prides ourselves as leaders in the technology space and will keep providing updates in this arena.

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Confirmed: iPhone 8, iWatch 3, and the secret iPhone X (10)!

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

After much anticipation this week, Apple has blown off the hinges with its latest Apple event which took place on September 12th, 2017. This event was one of the technology market’s major event as Apple is the leading manufacturer in cutting edge design, security, and effortless user interfaces. Since the introduction of the original iPhone by Steve Jobs over 10 years ago, Apple has made their mark on the industry and in the world to be a trend setter in the market. Apple has continued to captivate the minds and intuitively interface user and technology in a perfect blend. With releases such as the iPhone 6 Plus which gave us a glimpse into a larger hand set, and then following through with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Apple has reshaped our expectations of the company and engulfed an ever-evolving way of technological advancement from what is expected into what the mind can achieve.

This year’s Apple event had been a major buzz among Apple enthusiasts including the technology market as rumors circled about how the new iPhone 8 would look. There are always speculations that go around and many of the different enthusiasts had gone from a practical belief of what the iPhone 8 would look like into a realm of extreme possibilities. Well Apple being the show stopper as they are come on September 12th, 2017 to announce their lineup and to set the record straight. The presentation was led by Tim Cook, which is the CEO of Apple, and was assisted by Phil Schiller. In the event, they laid out the new lineup of Apple devices from the Apple TV 4K to iWatch 3, then disclosed the new iPhone 8. The big surprise to everyone was when they gave us a peek at their crown jewel that they have been working on for the past few years, which is the iPhone X (iPhone 10). This mind-blowing device is the high note that Apple closed on during their event. We at IT GURUS OF ATLANTA want to give more insight on these devices, their availability, and pricing. The first device up is the Apple TV 4k.

Apple TV 4K

The Apple TV 4K is a tv experience unlike any other. From the depth defying sound, picture quality, apps, and features, it’s clear to see that tv watching is not just tv watching with Apple. Oh, and did we forget to mention the 4k? Yes, that’s right, the Apple TV 4k allows the user to watch their movies and stream in 4K HDR. Stream and watch content from favorite providers such as Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, and more. One of the key note features which comes along with the Apple TV 4K is that it now has “Siri” integrated. Picking up the remote and speaking to Siri the same as you would on your phone just became that much simpler as this device is fully Siri AI integrated.

If this is your first Apple TV device, then let’s get into the specs of this simple, yet robust device. Well at first glance at opening the box you see it is small such as a mini desktop and then has a remote that comes along with it. Simple but intuitive is the Apple standard. Inspecting the Apple TV 4K, you will see the ports a single HDMI 2.0a, Gigabit Ethernet, and IR Receiver. The output ports allow for Digital Plus 7.1 surround sound which gives the real feel as if being a part of the program that is being viewed.  The other device next to it would be the nifty remote that you would use to speak to Siri, go to channels, open apps, and much more. The remote works on Bluetooth 4.0 technology, has a lightning connector charger, and most importantly, rechargeable batteries to ensure longevity.  The Apple TV 4K weights about 15 ounces so it is light and the remote weights about 1.59 ounces. Underneath the hood o of this device you will find Apple’s A10X chip processor which is what allows the 4K quality to be viewed.  Once the cords are properly connected, the proper input is selected on your 4K TV, then from start, you will see the difference in quality that the Apple TV 4K brings to your home or office.

Now for the next important question and that is pricing and availability. How can a person get their hands on this coveted device? Well let’s start to talk about the two different models. The first model is the 32Gig, which the only difference between this model and the other is the amount of space that can be housed. The next model is the 64Gig in the lineup which allows the maximum room for storage on the device. Pricing wise, is as follows: Apple TV 4K 32Gig – $179 and Apple TV 4K 64Gig – $199. Both devices are available for Pre-Order right now! Once ordered, the first shipments will start to be received as of September 22nd, 2017.

iWatch 3

Step aside iWatch and iWatch 2, the iWatch 3 is what everyone was amazed to see in action. When the stage was taken by Tim Cook and he announced the new features of the iWatch, the audience was amazed at all the new features. The iWatch 3 major selling point is that it is now completely independent of the phone. That is correct. The iWatch 3 is one of the very few wearable watches that has its own cellular network capabilities. This means you can leave your phone at home and still receive all your app alerts, emails, texts, and make/receive calls. The excitement doesn’t stop there as Apple spoke of “Siri” being included and the ability to stream over 40 million songs seamlessly on this device. The wireless earbuds that are an added accessory do not come with the iWatch 3, but Apple knew exactly what they were doing when they designed this device.  The iWatch 3 will set itself above the bar by not only having the cellular network included, but adding dust and water resistance to the list of features. Now swimmers can take their iWatch swimming to monitor their progress and the rest of the world can go diving into the pool without worry about getting their iWatch wet. Its water resistance level is now up to 50 meters now as opposed to previous models such as the original iWatch and iWatch 2.



As the iWatch 3 is unboxed, its first distinguishing character if getting the cellular version, the digital crown has a red dot over it. The symmetry of the watch remains the same physically and it has the same unique fit as with the other versions.  The iWatch 3 operates on the LTE network with the same connectivity and speed as a smartphone. The iWatch 3 can do noise reduction during calls, get alerts from the same apps on the phone, access to the iTunes store, and music streaming. iWatch 3 comes with WatchOS 4 that is packed with a variety of feature updates. There are four different versions of the iWatch 3, which are the iWatch 3, iWatch 3 Nike, iWatch 3 Edition, and iWatch 3 Hermes. All models come with the S3 chip which is 70% more powerful than the previous versions, 50% more power efficient, and is 85% faster when connected via Wi-Fi. Beyond just the hyped-up speed, the storage capacity has also been increased in the iWatch 3 from 8GB to 16GB allowing even more to be saved locally on the iWatch 3.  The iWatch 3 cost varies by model and size. The cost for the iWatch 3 is iWatch 3 $329 to $749, iWatch 3 Nike series $329 to $399, iWatch 3 Hermes $1,299 to $1,399, then the iWatch 3 Edition which costs $1,299The iWatch 3 pre-orders started on September 15th, 2017 and go on sale on September 22nd, 2017.

iPhone 8

The much-anticipated iPhone 8 hit the airwaves with the months of momentum packed behind it as expected by Apple. The advances in technology and design and how are Apple has managed to blend them into one device is what Apple enthusiasts have grown to want and expect from this new addition to the iPhone family.  From the exterior design, it is easy to see that the casing is in durable glass from edge to edge. This glass exterior gives the phone a slick look which allows it to deliver a smooth finish to the space grey, silver, and gold finishes. The size of the iPhone 8 comes as with previous iPhone 6 and 7, where there is the standard 4.7-inch retina display and the Plus size which comes with a 5.5-inch retina display.  The display comes with 3D touch integrated along with enhanced retina sensors to improve the visual experience of the device.  The two dual speakers at the bottom of the phone includes an upgrade that packs a deeper base feature giving more quality sound as playback or streaming is done with more precision.  The lightening connector at the bottom of the phone between the speakers has dual usage which is for charging and wired headphones to plug into as with previous models.  The home button with fingerprint ID is in the same location along with the side power, and volume buttons.  The true magic of the iPhone 8 is beneath the hood.

The True Tone display gives a rich feel for the picture and video quality. The mechanics behind the quality of imagery given by True Tone is that it has sensors that measure the amount of ambient light color and adjusts the brightness accordingly when capturing videos and pictures. Storage for the iPhone 8 has been limited to two sizes which are the 64GB and 256GB. The dust and water resistance capabilities have been enhanced to give the iPhone 8 a water resistance level of rating IP67. This means that it can be submerged in under 1 meter (about 3 feet) of water for up to 30 minutes and still function without issues.  Capturing photos and videos are impressive with a 7MP front facing camera which is complemented with a 12MP rear facing camera.  The standard iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus come with digital zoom. The standard comes with 5x digital zoom and the plus comes with 10x digital zoom.  Portrait mode comes standard with the iPhone 8 Plus, but then gets an upgrade by having Portrait mode in the front facing camera with Portrait lighting. The beloved Portrait mode can now be done with light from the front or the back and in light or dark scenarios.   Video capture and playback are done in magnificent 4K at 24, 30, and now 60 fps.  The ability to take 8MP photos while capturing 4K video recordings comes as part of the iPhone 8 package for both models.

To get a true understanding of the work designed behind the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus is to look at the processor. By doing a true blend of Artificial Intelligence, user interaction, speed, and efficiency, Apple’s driving force for this device is the A11 Bionic chip.  The A11 Bionic chip has a neural engine which does true machine learning. This chipset is the most powerful currently packed into a smartphone device. With this processor, it allows the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus to perform 25% faster than the previous models. Multi-tasking is easily accomplished without compromising performance by the A11’s ability to access all 6 cores simultaneously.  Wireless charging has been added as an enhancement which Apple is showing that they are slowly moving away from the conventional cords that restrict use and access. The icing on this cake is iOS 11, which comes with a plethora of additions to performance, features, and updates. iOS 11 will come standard on all of Apple’s new devices and will be available for download to all Apple devices on September 19th, 2017.  Now for pricing on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. The iPhone 8 prices are 64GB $699 and 256GB $699, then the iPhone 8 Plus is 64GB $799 and 256GB $949. Preorder today with your carrier and be one of the first to receive shipment between October 2nd to October 9th, 2017.

iPhone X (iPhone 10)

Before closing the Apple event on September 12th, 2017, Apple gave its enthusiasts a market changing introduction of their iPhone X (iPhone 10). Everyone expected that the iPhone 8 would be the star of the show and then subsequent models would follow to make the introduction of the iPhone 8 and updates that much more powerful. However, Apple had a different view in mind. To commemorate their 10th year anniversary and to give the Apple fans innovative technology, they introduced the iPhone X (iPhone 10). From the exterior to the interior, the iPhone X is unlike any other iPhone ever delivered by Apple. One of the first features to stand out about the iPhone X is that the screen goes from edge to edge, where the black spaces were for the fingerprint ID and the upper large portion for the camera and hearing have been significantly reduced to a thin strip. There is no more “home button” and the screen has jumped to a 5.8-inch super retina display. The screen size is larger than any of the iPhone Plus models. The phone comes in two colors which is space grey and silver adding feature to the durable glass which encompasses the phone completely. In terms of pixel density, the phone has 458 ppi (pixels per inch).  OLED is integrated into the super retina display of the device and is the first to be integrated with a smartphone. True Tone is included with this device as with the iPhone 8, it enhances the picture taking experience and allows the viewer to engage with the images or videos on a more realistic level.

“Siri” can be engaged by the usual “Hey Siri”, but if there is no home button, then Siri can be launched by the new feature of the right-side button.  The iPhone X comes with what Apple has dubbed “Face ID”. Facial recognition is included with the iPhone X allowing it to give the security features of facial recognition that is required. The facial recognition feature is so advanced that it will not unlock the phone unless the phone is looked at by the user.  The thin strip at the top of the display is where the technology resides. In the thin strip at the top of iPhone X is located the Infrared Camera, Flood Illuminator, Front Camera, Dot Projector, Proximity Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor, Speaker, and Microphone. All these features work together to determine the size, depth, and characteristics to create a mathematical model to determine if there is a match for the face ID originally created by the owner of the device.  Even if there are changes to the user such as changing hairstyles, adding accessories, aging, or even adding facial hair, Face ID can depict the owner of the device and if there is a match. All processes are done on the device and not sent to a server as with other facial recognition software. The statistics revealed by Apple is that only 1 in 1,000,000 can ever unlock the device with similar facial features.

iPhone X comes dust and water resistant with the same level of resistance that the iPhone 8 has of IP67. Wireless charging is integrated as part of the features added which is why the durable glass encases the device from edge to edge. No more need for conventional chargers or carrying multiple chargers for all your Apple devices.  Portrait mode is integrated with the camera allowing selfies to be taken with the professional sharp look that users of the iPhone Plus have grown fond of.  No longer having to only take Portrait images in lighted areas only, because there is a new Portrait Lighting feature that is supported by the TrueDepth camera included with this device. The back camera is 12MP and the front facing camera receives the upgrade of 7MP.  The digital and optical zoom is up to 10x. Taking videos are all in 4K giving the record and playback features impeccable quality at 60fps.

The true genius behind the iPhone X is derived from the A11 Bionic chip which has a total of 6 cores. Two of the cores are the major processors and the other four load balance for the primary processors making multi-tasking effortless.  The A11 chip is integrated with machine learning allowing for an advanced user experience as it learns the habits, voice, and facial features of the owner.  The iPhone X comes with iOS 11 as part of its standard package allowing the new OS to fit this device perfectly.  The battery life for the iPhone X has been upgraded to 21hrs of talk time, 12hrs of internet surfing, 13hrs of video playback, 60hrs of audio playback, and up to 50% faster charge than the previous models.

Now for pricing and availability of this new this device. The iPhone X comes in the same capacity as the iPhone 8 which is 64GB and 256GB. The pricing for the iPhone X is $999 for the 64GB and $1,149 for the 256GB. Apple is accepting Pre-orders for the iPhone X on October 27th, 2017 and the first shipments will start to be received 3rd of November 2017. We at IT GURUS OF ATLANTA have been keeping close tabs on Apple and their development of this new technology. We look forward to unveiling more information for this device as the time rapidly approaches. Stay connected with the latest news and updates from IT GURUS OF ATLANTA by subscribing to our newsletter in the link below:


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