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Sony needs no introduction. Especially if you are a business, you are definitely familiar with the hardware solutions of Sony. Sony offers tons of business solutions to the organizations and governments throughout the world and IT Gurus of Atlanta is committed to be the bridge that connects the Sony to clients. IT Gurus of Atlanta is the place, which provides you the best hardware components for less among all other distributors.

If we go into the history of the brand, Sony is one of the most recognized electronics brand. Sony’s brand is known for reforming the PC business. It offers high-end business solutions like quality projectors, professional monitors and professional displays for that matter.
For advanced simulation applications, the Sony Vaio offered by Sony delivers high-contrast 4K images with smooth, ultra-responsive reproduction of fast-moving action. The highly efficient computer requires virtually zero maintenance other than security updates from Microsoft which come out monthly.

The professional master monitor gives absolute confidence that you are always seeing the true picture. Offering unrivalled HDR picture quality, accuracy, and consistency, it’s ideal for any government event or the business organizations which organises workshops etc.

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