Safe use of software!

Almost without exception, every business relies on computers nowadays and therefore software to operate. There are a number of important factors to be taken into consideration in choosing and using both operating systems and applications in order to remain efficient, safe and legal.

. It has become more important to exercise diligence in recent years because more software is downloaded from or hosted in the internet rather than being supplied on disks.

When it comes to downloading, the risks of piracy, virus attacks and malware comes along with it. At IT Gurus of Atlanta, we aim to ensure that not only the hardware but also the software is secure with minimal risk to compromising data integrity. There are certain risks we have shortlisted for the benefits of our users listed below:

Loading spurious software which introduces malware to your computers, mobile devices and network.
Loading software which causes technical issues to your computer(s) such as slow running or incompatibility with the operating system or other applications.
Downloading large applications which use excessive bandwidth, resulting in slow internet or network traffic.
Using untested or not fit-for-purpose software which could affect the integrity of your business processes
Employees downloading and using file sharing software.
Malware being downloaded on to mobile devices in the form of rogue apps
Hence it is very important to know how to make safe use of any software, which can be done by following certain tips below:
Always use licensed software and ensure you have the correct number of licences
Consider investing in scalable software that will continue to cope with the growing demands of the business
Use the correct version of the software
When using anything but off-the-shelf software, ensure it is stringently tested for functionality and the presence of malware

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