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Microsoft Licenses

Microsoft is one of the world’s largest suppliers for software. They have a proven record of providing workplace and home space technology that keeps reinventing and progressing. From Windows to the various Cloud based solutions, Microsoft has placed itself in a category all on its own.

This category of being the Number 1 supplier of software allows Microsoft to be ahead of the competition by providing optimal ways to access and utilize the demand for this product. IT GURUS OF ATLANTA is a Trusted Microsoft Partner providing deep discounts for Microsoft Licenses to both government and business entities.

Because of Microsoft’s constantly diversifying aptitude for change and advancement, Microsoft has launched various different services which are layered on top of the licenses which are required to utilize the products. Cloud based solutions such as Office 365 which give free flow to mail by giving access to any mobile device or browser and the ability to make changes or receive information on the go has changed the way “email” is currently handled or accepted. Contact us for Office 365 Licenses and discounts – customerservice@itgurusatl.com

Azure, which is now the foundation for Microsoft’s cloud based solution gives businesses, government entities, and institutions the ability to handle their Infrastructure, Platforms, and Software on the go and even incorporating BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Azure has blossomed into a product which surpasses simple “Active Directory” into a product which is only at the beginning of its possibilities.

System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) which allows the management of enterprise devices, applications, users, updates and more now integrates with cloud-based solutions being stand alone or adding on InTune for mobile device management. This platform management tool is Microsoft’s key choice component when managing enterprise environments which is fully scalable to include desktops, laptops, servers, and mobile devices. This comprehensive suite of products gives the administrator of any organization no matter the size, the capabilities needed to manage and maintain their environment. Contact us for SCCM or InTune Licenses and discounts – customerservice@itgurusatl.com

Windows is Microsoft’s pivoting platform that billions of devices worldwide currently use at the primary Operating System. Windows since its launch has become the Number 1 platform of choice that people use from a private to commercial space. Most of the applications that are built have to have compatibility with Windows in order to be considered an enterprise workable application. For this reason, Windows has become the premier choice for operating systems to be utilized from all levels of technology and integrated on all levels of services. Our license offerings for this product includes everything from Server CALs, User CALs, Server licenses, Windows PC licenses, and any Windows based licenses offered by Microsoft. Contact us for Windows Licenses and CALs plus discounts – customerservice@itgurusatl.com When it comes to ERP, which is Enterprise Resource Planning or CRM, which is Customer Relationship Management, Dynamics 365 has proven to be the platform of choice.

Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s answer to an ever-growing challenge to planning out resources while still maintaining a good base for customer relationships. Oracle and SAP has managed to be leaders in this realm, but with Microsoft’s cloud-based solution of Dynamics 365, they have managed to blow away the competition by revolutionizing the capabilities of SAP and Oracle products and adding them to the cloud.

Contact us for Dynamics 365 licenses and discounts – customerservice@itgurusatl.com mail has always been a superb standard when it comes to Microsoft. Their main product has always been Microsoft Exchange Server which allows organizations to control their mail flow and security from an exchange server on premise. This on-premise solution is tried and true plus delivers the optimal performance when it comes on to managing, administrating, securing, and filtering mail efficiently. Microsoft Exchange Server has been the main platform for delivery of email using Microsoft products for many years an continues to be the on-premise solution of choice for many organizations wishing to continue handling administration and security in-house. IT GURUS OF ATLANTA prides itself as a trusted Microsoft Partner that can provide Microsoft standard services to clients across the nation. Office 365, Exchange, SharePoint, and the full Office integration process can be found within the IT GURUS OF ATLANTA umbrella of services.

IT GURUS OF ATLANTA is also a reseller for many other popular licenses for products such as Oracle, SAP, Cisco, Belkin, and more. Contact us that we can find the best license for you and your organization at the lowest prices available.

Contact us for other software licenses from your vendor of choice at customerservice@itgurusatl.com

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