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At Labs, our research groups live at the cutting edge of innovation for our clients. But living at the cutting edge means we’re always looking for ways to push even further, for better deliverables.

It Gurus is going bolder, pushing its cross-group initiatives forward to make the most of our expertise across R&D groups, as well as partnering with other groups to drive innovation for our clients.
We are looking further and computing. As daily life becomes ever more saturated with technology, companies are ramping up their competition for consumers’ time, attention and money. To maintain the explosive growth expected of them, tech companies are trying to expand their role in customers’ lives by providing more apps, more notifications, and more IoT immersion.

Consider the phones, wearables and smart-speakers that are becoming seamlessly integrated into our lives. Companies building these products have made it paramount that the technology’s disruptiveness is mitigated. Features like “Do not Disturb” on smart devices, which suppresses notifications until they are manually enabled, or blue-light filters, which shift screen light to be warmer and less disruptive to sleep, improve the way their products work with customer needs (like productivity or sleep) rather than against them.
And IT Gurus, we aim to address those needs in a full-fledged manner.

Training: We believe in developing the talent, which is truly capable of transforming businesses in the digital age. At IT Gurus of Atlanta, staff is trained enough to attend the customers and provide with them what they actually wished for before entering our store.
Optimization: Improve efficiency, performance, and productivity to boost the value of your resources is something that has always been our major priority. We work together to achieve the same and provide you the same.
Management: Manage and optimize your IT and network assets in the cloud and on-premises.

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