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Platform Management

SCCM 2007 and 2012 Eplatform development, installation, administration, and support for all small business, enterprise, and government entities. From architecture and development of SCCM to programming, software packaging, patch management, and asset management, IT GURUS OF ATLANTA’s team of engineers , programmers, developers, and architects ensure that all installations of SCCM are implemented, maintained, upgraded, and supported. We pride ourselves to ensure efficient reporting and accurate management of all systems on the platform.

Mobile Integration

With SCCM’s mobile integration of an MDM platform, it makes this platform management suite a powerhouse that is capable of not only desktop and server solutions, but also a mobile device solution as well. In the 2012 version of SCCM, majority of the components which were hard-based are now mobilized to the cloud and distribution points are now localized to eliminate the need for centralized distribution points which can cause lagging and errors during the distribution process.

Upgrade SCCM 2007 to 2012

With the support for SCCM 2007 being halted in 2014 and extended support ending in 2019, many companies are now trying to upgrade to SCCM 2012. IT GURUS OF ATLANTA’s engineers and developers are skilled and qualified to do upgrades to SCCM systems with a wide variety of clients. Our project managers work with each client to ensure that the migration and upgrade project for SCCM from 2007 to 2012 is as seamless as possible with assurances to hit milestones and a completion on the upgrade. Let IT GURUS OF ATLANTA handle your SCCM needs today!

ALTIRIS (all supported versions)

Altiris is Symantec’s powerhouse for platform management. Altiris not only does server management with its SMS (Server Management Suite), but also encompasses AMS (Asset Management Suite), and CMS (Computer Management Suite). With robust reports that can be customized and allocated to quickly report on any aspect of systems being monitored by Altiris, it is a dream to most departments that have to keep track of computers and servers. Reporting in Altiris gives key components and reporting that is granular and specialized towards most queries. With reporting, there are footprints to be followed, knowledge to be gained, and forecasting that can be done.

Patch Management

Patch management done with Altiris is a decisive plan. Depicting which upgrades that are right for your server, desktop, or other monitored device is seamless. Altiris now utilizes functionality which does not allow patches to be applied to a system which the system does not need or that is not applicable. No more mistakes with applying the wrong patch or upgrading incorrectly, Altiris has taken that error as an option out of the equation. IT GURUS OF ATLANTA patch management experts ensure that patch management is done in a projected, tested, QA, pilot, and phased process. Change Management controls are done and adhered to in an effort to minimize downtown and increase LOA (level of availability).

Asset Management (AMS), Computer Management (CMS), and Server Management (SMS)

AMS and SMS are the nuts and bolts behind Altiris. CMS is a critical component, but AMS and SMS are business critical systems which can make or break a company or entity. Development, Architecture, and Design are essential in Altiris as it is completely customizable to fit the needs of any company to which it is implemented. CMS and SMS are capable of software deployment solutions, software metering, imaging, upgrading, patching, including other a plethora of other features which combined with the expertise of IT GURUS OF ATLANTA engineers is capable of fulfilling the business requirements with no issues.

Programming can be done in various languages and is a tool with automating processes. IT GURUS OF ATLANTA has teams of expert programmers that specialize in many different program languages. Some of the most popular languages that our experts specialize in are VB Script, PowerShell, Wise, SQL, Python, PHP, and C#. Automating processes and streamlining solutions is the goal behind IT GURUS OF ATLANTA’s programming teams. Easily create mobile solutions with Python, stream line websites with the ease of C# for your SharePoint needs, or automate applications with PowerShell and VB Script. No matter what the programming needs of your company, IT GURUS OF ATLANTA can plan, strategize, execute, and support the customized needs of different areas of government, enterprises, and small businesses.


IT GURUS OF ATLANTA’s team of software packaging engineers are dedicated, dependable, and professional. Technically savvy, excellent communicators, with project management experience, IT GURUS OF ATLANTA’s software packaging teams are experienced packagers who have created EXE’s, MSI’s, MSP’s, and MST’s. Combining software packaging tools such as Admin Studio, Wise Studio, and other proprietary tools, IT GURUS OF ATLANTA’s software packaging teams ensure that product execution is seamless, automated, and user interaction is eliminated.

IT GURUS OF ATLANTA’s team of software packaging engineers ensure clean installations that are error free and installed to the expectations of the client/customer. With top standards and quality service, the software packaging team of IT GURUS OF ATLANTA is able to assist companies with their software packaging needs. Try us out today.

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