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IT GURUS OF ATLANTA provides desktop solutions to all business entities whether it is a large scale enterprise to small business, or a government entity. We ensure that users within an organization have minimal down time, the last updates, virus protection, encryption, all company provided software, and access to the company resources. A company is nothing without the input and efforts of the end user which is their internal employees.

Employees have to be able to maintain productivity at all times. This means that even if it is a desktop which an employee does not take home, a laptop which may be used remotely, a tablet, or phone, IT GURUS OF ATLANTA ensures that no matter what platform a company’s employee utilizes, it meets the security standards of the company while obtaining maximum use from each product.

Platform Management (Depending on Size of Organization)

Depending on how large an environment that a company has, platform management solutions may be a viable option. Desktop, laptops, servers, and mobile devices can all be maintained from a central location. This involves software updates, software delivery, asset management, reporting, instant computer health updates, imaging, and more can be done without having to go to each computer. This centralized solution offers many benefits for mid-sized to large-scale corporations. Small businesses can utilize a smaller version of the platform management products such as SCCM or Altiris.

Partnering with top quality antivirus solution companies and combined with IT GURUS OF ATLANTA’s quality desktop support team, we reduce intrusions, cut down risk, and maximize security. IT GURUS OF ATLANTA is aware that clients have their preference with a antivirus provider or depending on their budget, they may need quality but a lower cost. Depending on the enterprise, small business, or government entity, IT GURUS OF ATLANTA can implement a solution that will meet and exceed the business requirement at a fraction of the cost that competitors may charge. From implementing full blown antivirus and malware solutions on a per machine basis to completing system wide deployments/installations, IT GURUS OF ATLANTA is able to scale, implement, and support antivirus solutions.

Software is the major functionality of any modern business. A computer needs software in order to operate, transmit data, receive data, and house information. The types of software vary in range as far as what they are utilized for currently and their exponential uses in the future. Software are very fluid programs, set of rules, procedures or documentations that make programs such as the internet one of the most widely used commodities today. Long gone are the days of paperwork because software is rapidly replacing paper. With vital company data and services depending on software, it is important to have an infrastructure that can not only install the different software available, but to also support them. IT GURUS OF ATLANTA has a wide array of support services which are tailored to fit the needs of today’s business customers in today’s fluid Information Technology market.

Our technicians have a widely diverse backgrounds and specialty in different software related programs that most business entities utilize. This also includes some customized or proprietary applications. We constantly recruit the best of the best in technicians with the highest quality in service and standards. IT GURUS OF ATLANTA brings our best technicians to the forefront of support to our business customers. Their background in various enterprise technology solutions gives them an edge above the rest in software installation and support. Disaster Recovery and Data Backup is a critical element in utilizing computer systems for business. Even the most secure and efficient computer network is not 100% susceptible to crashing and failure. For this reason an excellent data backup plan should be in effect to protect customers and company confidential/critical data.

IT GURUS OF ATLANTA practices mundane data backup practices on all client relevant data. This is to ensure that in the event of a natural (flood, hurricane, tornado), or unnatural (hacker, Trojan/worm, fire) disaster, that your business critical data is secure. Through effective Data Backup Procedures, your company can recover from any disaster quickly. Disasters show how prepared a company is. The critical moment right after a disaster is the steps a company takes to recover what is lost in order to get back in operation. IT GURUS OF ATLANTA prepares all business customers for the “what if’s” and utilizes both physical backup as well as cloud backup solutions to ensure the stability, security, and integrity of your data.

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IT Gurus of Atlanta is an Information Technology firm with Consulting Services that offer a comprehensive suite of expertise to improve business operations with the latest technology. Our focus is on complete client satisfaction. This means, with us, the right solution is the solution that is right for our clients. IT Gurus of Atlanta’s staff has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry that has given us the edge when implementing new products or services into existing environments to make a seamless transition process. Originally opened in 2006 and have since experienced steady growth.

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