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Tech Advice – How safe are your passwords?

Today, it seems hardly a month goes by that we don’t hear about a major data breach involving a well-known brand. Even firms in the business of keeping information safe and secure are on the list of the most prominent data breaches ever.

Dozens of major company online account records have been hacked. That means the likelihood your email and password from one of those accounts have been sold is very high. How do you keep your password safe, is the need of the question. IT Gurus of Atlanta is one major platform that has come up with certain tips and tricks to keep your account protected.

Here are some best practice recommendations when it comes to keeping your passwords safe:

  • – Using a password program: The best practice may not always be the cheapest one, but it is, the experts say, the safest one. Use a password software program such as Dashlane, LastPass or Keeper.
  • – Beware of stored passwords in your browser: Most of us store passwords in our favourite browser because it’s a huge time saver. The bigger benefit is that we don’t have to remember which password we used! After all, when we see our passwords populate, they appear hidden – as asterisks. So, make sure that they are safe wherever they are.
  • – How strong is your password: There are several online tools that you can use to pre-test the strength of your password. The stronger your password, the safer your password. You can use a variation of a password safely for different accounts, as long as you keep in mind a few best practices.
  • – One of the most common ways that hackers can break into accounts is by guessing common passwords. The more difficult your passwords are, the higher the likelihood that a hacker will simply look for easier targets.

Make sure that your passwords are strong, as prevention is always better than cure! .

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