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Things to Consider Before Choosing a Network Monitor Solution

A Network monitor solution is required by every company for better network visibility and reduction of the downtime risk. It helps in improving the performance that leads to improvement in customer satisfaction.
We have listed out top points that you must consider before purchasing a network monitor solution: Read More

Understanding Basics of Networking

A network is a collection of different devices that are connected with each other and facilitate data sharing. There are several advantages of networking such as back up option for file server, sharing of a network printer, sharing of groupware applications and simplification of administrator’s job. Read More

Advantages of Cloud Storage With Hordanso

Cloud storage is an efficient way of storing data online. Companies use the cloud technology because the data can be accessed from any location at any time with help of internet. Traditional storage device like hard disk always had a risk of damage associated with it. Cloud storage has proved to be a great solution to such problems. Let’s have a look at some of benefits of cloud storage for businesses: Read More

What is the need of Mobile Device Management?

All the mobile devices on the business’s network can be efficiently secured, locked, encrypted and managed with the help of mobile device management software. It is crucial for strengthening the security and usage of the mobile devices in an organisation. The usage of mobile apps can also be monitored by the administration through this impeccable software.
Below mentioned are some of the advantages of Mobile Device Management: Read More

Benefits of Hiring Database Administrator

A database is an organised collection of information that is easily accessible, manageable and updated. The management of database has evolved a lot with the advancement of technology. Various organisations need different enterprise database systems. There is a need to implement efficient database concepts and strategies for creating customised databases and improving efficiency. Outside factors like new platforms, technological shifts and new products and services make it compulsory to update the database management in organisation. Get the assistance for experts to get the following benefits in database management: Read More

Need of Program Management Support

Due to intense competition, the organisations are compelled to continuously upgrade the technology, increase the successful delivery rate, improve the infrastructure and decrease the costs. Companies launch various programs and projects to face these challenges. Sufficient planning and right allocation of resources are required for programs to deliver best results. For perfect execution of strategies at different levels, the program management support is required. IT GURUS provides necessary recommendations and implements technology solutions for better execution.
Let’s have a look at the benefits of program management support: Read More

Different Types of Microsoft 365 Licenses

Are you searching for the different Microsoft Licenses for your organization? Then, here is your guide to select the right version of Microsoft 365 for your company. The selection of Microsoft licenses should be based on the number of users in the company, applicability, price and application included. Read More


The internet and digital space nowadays is the major force behind transforming the way a business operates. Organizations are required to establish themselves in the digital world first in order to attain growth. IT solutions seek to achieve this journey of growth to create more remarkable experiences and ultimately the growth of the enterprise. Be it the industrial sector or the government one, IT solutions provide a better insight into assets that can drive improvements in real-time. Read More


Technology has helped in the growth and development of human life as a whole. Technological inventions have made living convenient. Technology helps businesses in different ways like maintain data flow, manage contacts, track processes and maintain employee records. For businesses to operate efficiently and effectively with minimal manpower and helps to reduce the cost of doing business technology has it done its part. Read More


Identified as a necessity for the survival in global markets today, IT solutions have made the functioning of businesses least laborious and undeniably smoother on a simplified platform. The innovative techniques boon benefit for both providers and seekers through the number of solutions made available globally. Read More

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