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As a business owner, it’s your job to ensure that your products are sold enough to hit the desired target. Businesses need a profit for survival and working as efficiently and productively as possible will only generate results that will secure your long-term position in the market. Read More


Sales is undoubtedly the fastest-paced and most influential weapon of any business relying on technological prospects for growth. IT sector assist companies in a better future that is driven by such sales. The role of IT in sales management cannot be denied. The enhanced productivity and high performance that IT services bring with itself are designed to make the life of you and your team easier. So, to keep up with such needs of businesses, every piece of professionally driven IT services play a crucial role. Read More

Surround business with advanced IT security systems!

In today’s hostile security environment, it is very important to have the best malware protection for business that can prevent, detect, and respond to security threats seamlessly. In a market with neck and throat competition among businesses, it’s critical that businesses have deep visibility into executable and file activity on their internal and external network. Business solutions should offer continuous monitoring and analysis to catch and remediate threats. Read More

Growth and Development of Human Life

Technology has helped in the growth and development of human life as a whole. Technological inventions have made living convenient. Technology helps businesses in different ways like maintain data flow, manage contacts, track processes and maintain employee records. For businesses to operate efficiently and effectively with minimal manpower and helps to reduce the cost of doing business technology has it done its part. It helps business operations by keeping them connected to suppliers, customers and their sales force. To run keep the pace with market the businesses had to be updated with technology and IT Gurus of Atlanta is the firm you should consult with.

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Difference Between iPhone 11, iPhone 11 pro & iPhone 11 Max Pro

When you talk about technology, there is no way that Apple can be left out of the mix. From laptops to smartphones, Apple has revolutionized the industry and made waves. We can recognize the iconic “pinched” screen to zoom in by “pinch out” that started the whole revolution. Now these simple gestures are part of every smart phone from Android to Apple, which are now the kings of smartphones, Apple is still left in a class on its own. By being the trendsetter in technology, Apple has managed to captivate all audiences from the young to the old in their intricate details to design, to their over the top performance that places so many technological advancements in one single device. The ease of use makes it a number one choice when it comes
to ease of access.

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5G Network – the next sensation of internet industry

People around the world are accessing the internet with mobile devices. The number of connected devices is soaring. Soon machines will be communicating with each other in the Internet of Things. To progress the development of the digital society and make the IoT working, we need a powerful wireless network that can transfer large volumes of data fast. With the introduction of 5G, all these things seems to be possible.

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5 biggest security threats in 2019

Hackers are becoming more sophisticated, especially with the mobile devices. It has become very essential for any organisation or individual to secure the data of their mobiles and handsets properly. Keeping the same in mind, IT Gurus has listed some of the growing mobile security threats in the today’s time:

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Benefits of 3rd Party Maintenance Service

When it comes to doing more for less, 3rd Party Maintenance is the first choice for most of the IT managers globally. More and more companies are now finding new and innovative ways to reduce costs. Though service providers are the ideal choice by default when it comes to new equipment, there are several areas to consider when the initial service agreements are expired.

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Importance of upgraded IT structure

On demand computing has pressurized data centres for lesser deployment times and there is a demand for transcendence from the traditional data centre plagues. The main is to achieve rapid service deployment and business manageability through efficiency and agility.IT Gurus of Atlanta is one such place that advised best of all to its customers because getting customers is more important getting profit.

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Should you use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to protect your privacy?

You may have heard the tech acronym VPN or Virtual Private Network. But do you know what a VPN is, how it works, the benefits it offers, where to obtain one and how to set it up?IT Gurus of Atlanta has come up with certain details to help you better understand the concept of VPN. It offers as evidenced by its name: privacy protection

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