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Mastering the art of safe web browsing with IT Gurus of Atlanta!

Spend any time at all reading up on the topic of web security and you may be tempted to never log onto a computer again. There are so many ways to compromise your information as there are stars in the sky, it seems. Viruses and malware spread, easily and quickly, through simple actions such as clicking on links found on web pages or in email.

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NASA’s satellite imaging device delivers a powerful view of California wild fires.

Due to a horrifying combination of low humidity, dry soil, and high winds Southern California has been packed with devastating wild fires in the last five years.

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Samsung’s foldable phone combines best of both worlds.

We have officially entered the era of foldable phones with the Galaxy Infinity Flex. Samsung has finally introduced to the world its first foldable phone this week. This announcement was not like others with every detail of the device being displayed as they were for the Galaxy S9 or Note 9 prototype showing.

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Connect your home better than ever with smart home technology and compare models

We are entering the era of smart home technology making our lives almost effortless with providing a hands-free help from a digital assistant. With big names such as Apple, Google, and Amazon offering this technology, it’s important to know the key features each company’s device brings to the table.

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Apple’s new line up of MacBook and iPad pushes boundaries and extends capabilities

Apple has announced three new additions to the iPhone family this year: iPhone XS, iPhone XS MAX (which launched September 21st) and their newest addition to the lineup – the iPhone XR – which released October 26th.

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The art of winning the cyber war

The cybersecurity war is showing no sign of a truce. Therefore, organizations need to continue to arm themselves with a watertight defense, while ensuring that their customers are fully protected too – we all know the consequences if hackers manage to find a way through.

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iPhone XR: What you need to know and how does it compare to the iPhone XS.

Apple has announced three new additions to the iPhone family this year: iPhone XS, iPhone XS MAX (which launched September 21st) and their newest addition to the lineup – the iPhone XR – which released October 26th.

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Reengineer the network and catch up on user experience!

In today’s digital era, business agility is praised above everything else. After all, it provides the opportunity to change services on a dime and ensure that client needs are met, and expectations exceeded.

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Security measures for enterprise campus networks!

As organisations expand their use of mobile networking and social media to stay competitive and at the forefront of business, they are also increasing their reliance on delivering business-critical applications and services through the cloud. The expansion of cloud-enabled models, however, creates critical security challenges and risks for builders of enterprise campus networks.

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Becoming an intelligent enterprise with the solutions, we provide!

Whatever industry sector your business is in, change is not optional. Winning in today’s market means making decisive strategic shifts. Innovation at speed and ‘always on’ intelligence for new kinds of interactions with customers and employees, value release through data and analytics and new business models.

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