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Mastering the art of safe web browsing with IT Gurus of Atlanta!

Spend any time at all reading up on the topic of web security and you may be tempted to never log onto a computer again. There are so many ways to compromise your information as there are stars in the sky, it seems. Viruses and malware spread, easily and quickly, through simple actions such as clicking on links found on web pages or in email.

Secure web browsing is a game of changing tactics and that’s what IT Gurus Of Atlanta aims to teach our audience with the help of some tricks and tips we bring to our audience:

1.Install and use antivirus software: Antivirus software will detect and remove viruses as well as prevent any new infections. Do your research, choose a software program that fits your needs, and use it.
2.Use a firewall: A firewall is an application that protects your computer from hackers gaining unauthorized access to your computer. Setting up a personal firewall will dramatically reduce the possibility of your computer being attacked by Internet threats.

3.Strong passwords are your friend: A strong password is the equivalent of a deadbolt on a door. The more difficult it is to gain entrance to your accounts, the safer your accounts are. This means making the passwords complex with numbers, letters, and symbols. Keep passwords in a secure password app on your phone or somewhere safe that you cannot lose them or misplace them.
4.Be wary of clicking links in email or instant messages:Viruses spread easily through links in instant messages and email attachments. Even if you know and trust the person who sent it, it’s possible the link is infected and the sender is unaware of it.
5.Bookmark important sites: If there are sites you visit regularly, it’s a good idea to bookmark them in your browser. A mistyped address could take you to a false site that mirrors the site you intended to go to, but with malicious code that can harm your computer and compromise your information

It Gurus Of Atlanta ensures that all of our client’s data is secure and that they practice “safe surfing” skills including proper data protection safety precautions. We are a prized Microsoft partner that specializes in security. Contact us for an assessment of your business or government agency.

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