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5G Speed

So here we are with the latest technology at your fingertips which packs the workplace, personal life, and entertainment all in the palm of our hands. Cell phones, which are now smartphones have dominated the market and are now the digital trend for the world to stay connected and ensure that we are all capable of keeping in touch.

Organizations now have the ability to sell, move inventory, get real time reporting, while talking to their kid across town or their loved on in another country. The capabilities of the smart phone are no longer just a fad or a trend, it is now the way of life. The more connected we all become and the more dependent on the information flowing either socially, economically, or for business, is the more that we depend and demand speed.
Currently the latest devices between Apple and Android which are the dominant forces in the smartphone arena have boasted their latest speeds to be 4G and it is fast. However, just as any technology becomes outdated and the time comes to change that technology, so does the speed. Now many are looking towards the latest speed to be broadcast next year, which is 5G speeds. These speeds are set to make 4G seem like 2G in comparison. The mobile chip giant Qualcomm is not wasting time to gather the major wireless carriers and get them to join hands to present this new technology in early December. At the table of conglomerates to welcome this new speed is At&t and Sprint. All parties were present at Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Summit when the mobile chip giant presented a prototype smartphone which can connect and display 5G speeds.
At&t and Sprint were all in the mix as they setup the networks while Qualcomm utilized its prototype devices to demonstrate that 5G is finally here. Samsung and Verizon are already partnered up and posted that they will start pushing their 5G smartphone in the first half of 2019. Revolutionizing the industry with faster devices capable of going at even faster speeds is exactly what tech community has been waiting for. Simply put, 5G speeds is not only a boost for mobile devices but also for devices such as virtual reality, self-driving cars, and augmented reality. All these platforms that can be utilized on a mobile platform will get a boost with this new speed for technology to move on.

To give a better idea on the speed of 5G, just think of the fastest network available to the public which would a fiber line to the home. Many internet carriers such as Comcast, Verizon, and At&t have the fiber capabilities to their consumers, but only in certain areas as it costs a lot to lay down the lines. However, these consumers get to experience the faster speeds of fiber with their direct connection. Picture that type of direct connection that these consumers have but getting a boost in speed to move 10 to 100 times faster. Currently any latency which is experienced on 4G networks is only about 20 milliseconds. With 5G that latency is dropped to 1 millisecond. This difference can be noticed just the same time it takes to flash a camera. That is the lightning speed which comes along with 5G. That is the capability which 5G brings to the table. What takes minutes now with the 4G network will only take mere seconds once on the 5G network. That is the speed that is becoming available in early 2019.

The spectrum that 5G will be operating on is a lower frequency spectrum which allows it to get through obstacles such as buildings, walls, and other issues such as distance. With a lower spectrum, 5G can go further distances in a much shorter time frame that the current 4G LTE. The lower frequency spectrum is currently being held by the government but will be auctioned off in millimeter wave spectrum for the carriers to bid on. Technically, Verizon has already launched the 5G network since October of 2018, but there aren’t any devices capable of picking up the network. Verizon states that the network moves from
300 megabits per second to 1 Gigabit per second. Currently the Verizon 5G network is only available in Los Angeles, Sacramento, California, Indianapolis, and Dallas.

For those readers which are reading this blog and are in those areas, don’t get too hyped about being in the 5G network as your device will need a special antenna in order to pick up the 5G network. So until the smartphone tech giants launch their 5G phones, only the comfort of knowing you are in the 5G network area is what will give comfort. No one will be able to experience this technology until the 5G ready devices are launched in 2019. It Gurus Of Atlanta works with many tech giants in order to distribute their cutting edge technology that gives the advantage to business and government organizations. Be one of the fist companies or government agencies in line to get your hands on this tech which will change the whole industry through It Gurus Of Atlanta below cost in 2019.

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