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5 biggest security threats in 2019

Hackers are becoming more sophisticated, especially with the mobile devices. It has become very essential for any organisation or individual to secure the data of their mobiles and handsets properly. Keeping the same in mind, IT Gurus has listed some of the growing mobile security threats in the today’s time:

IT Gurus of Atlanta has come up with certain key benefits that you should get when you engage with a third party maintainance and that doesn’t necessarily have to be IT Gurus.
Single Point of Contact: Generally a 3rd party service provider is a single point of contact for all your support and spare requests which eliminates the lack of accountability that can occur when dealing with multiple service providers. This leads to reducing waste of time and paperwork

Best Support: 3rd party support vendors offer a wide range of choices and service levels agreements. They provide 24/7/365 on-site performance and technical helpdesk support

Fake Public Wi-Fi Networks: One of the sneakiest ways that hackers take advantage of the vulnerabilities of mobile devices is through fake wireless networks. To prevent this from disrupting an organization, there should be a robust mobile policy that restricts employees from accessing enterprise data through public Wi-Fi.

3. Data Leakage Data leakage is one of the biggest mobile security threats in 2019, and enterprises must be equipped with the right tools to prevent it. Some solutions enable organizations to stop the processes in apps that lead to data leakage. Other organizations restrict permission for apps or certain files in order to limit data leakage.
4. SMiShing:
On mobile devices, phishing scams are taking the form of SMS or text messages that trick users into revealing details, such as passwords. Both the user and the organization may not even be aware of the breach, especially if there is no security software that is used on the mobile device.
5. Cryptojacking:
Cryptojacking involves hackers leveraging someone else’s device to mine for cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, the user lacks the knowledge of this happening.

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