5G Network – the next sensation of internet industry

People around the world are accessing the internet with mobile devices. The number of connected devices is soaring. Soon machines will be communicating with each other in the Internet of Things. To progress the development of the digital society and make the IoT working, we need a powerful wireless network that can transfer large volumes of data fast. With the introduction of 5G, all these things seems to be possible.

How fast is 5G?
5G substantially improves the mobile internet. LTE is currently the fastest mobile technology available, supporting peak data rates of up to 300 megabits per second (Mbit/s). Even after the introduction of 5G, LTE will still be available for consumers.

Speed is the benchmark for wireless network performance. More is the exchange of data between two devices within a specific period of time, faster is the internet.
5G technology involves more than just speed though. Availability and reliability are other decisive factors. It is very important to build a network which you can trust even in remote areas.

Fake Public Wi-Fi Networks: One of the sneakiest ways that hackers take advantage of the vulnerabilities of mobile devices is through fake wireless networks. To prevent this from disrupting an organization, there should be a robust mobile policy that restricts employees from accessing enterprise data through public Wi-Fi.

Since 5G is now the future of internet and mobile industry, connectivity based on 5G is becoming an important component as it is a crucial factor in the digitization process of the industry. With the provision of virtual network slices, mobile robots can also be deployed flexibly and efficiently in economic production to meet specific requirements which can further contribute to growth of the economy.
Data communication in real time based on 5G speeds will play a key role in many use cases in future. Hence it is essential for a user to know the highs and lows of the technology he is about to be a part of in the upcoming time.

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