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Step Aside Amazon Alexa and Google Home, here is Microsoft’s “Invoke”!

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

Amazon started the trend of voice assistants built into a speaker that has taken flight and given the market a new meaning to voice activated shopping, music, event planning, and more. Amazon originally put this technology in the Amazon Echo in 2015 and three years later, they have developed the technology into Alexa, which is a much larger speaker plus added a lot more features. Alexa has the ability to work with other apps including integrate with Smart home devices via some nifty integrated application features.


Since Amazon’s introduction of Echo and Alexa, the competition market has picked up by other large companies such as Google which has come out with Google Home to compete against the rise in Amazon’s Alexa and Echo. Since the launch of Google Home in 2016, it has managed to grab a large part of the market by enabling many of the same Amazon features, but with the Google app store integration and Google Assistant. These two large competitors have managed to dominate the voice assistant market since its launch by Amazon a few years ago.


There is a new competitor on the market that has taken notes from the defects and short comings of Amazon and Google, to come out with a more optimal device. Microsoft has stepped into the market and pledges to have more features, more integration, and less defects than the current line of Amazon Echo and Alexa. It promises to be more reliable than the current Google Home. Microsoft’s version of the voice assistant is dubbed “Invoke”. Invoke is built by Harmon Kardon and packs a huge plethora of Microsoft technology under the belt.

Invoke will be powered by Cortana as the voice assistant with a cylinder shape similar to that of Amazon’s Alexa. Microsoft services will be integrated such as Skype for business to make voice calls at a mere command or accept and announce them with stereo sound throughout the room.  Cortana will have the latest features such as keeping up with calendars, meetings, reading emails, and ordering from the Microsoft app store.  Bing will be utilized as the search agent of choice as this is a Microsoft flagship product, it will have the bells and whistles of Microsoft’s major product integrations making it easy to transition from voice to pc and more.


With this device being made available to the public in the Fall of 2017, Microsoft is said to have a “killer feature” that is said to change the game in the voice assistant industry. Google and Amazon are on edge to find out what this new feature is that Microsoft is to unveil with their new flag ship for technology. Microsoft is gearing up to push for this device to its 145 million Windows 10 Cortana base to in an attempt to offset the Amazon and Google market. However, with Invoke not scheduled to be revealed until Fall of 2017, Google and Amazon have time to instill many upgrades in anticipation of this new adversary on the market.


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