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Successful Teleportation done by Chinese Scientists – More to come! No longer Science Fiction!

Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

Many people look at technology in movies as a window into the future through the imagination of the mind. The mind believes that whatever it can conceive, that it can achieve. This is true in many aspects. We at IT GURUS OF ATLANTA like to look at the world as not just one-sided or 4 dimensional, but in a realistic spectrum of changes and events that are triggered by the way how we think and the decisions we make to achieve our goals. One of the ways that companies and innovators change the world is coming up with new technology that not mystifies the mind, but also captures the imagination.


One technology commonly depicted was in Star Trek where many were shocked in early 70’s to see devices which could teleport individuals from one point in the ship to another part, other ships, and even down the surface of other planets. A far stretch from the imagination this thought was years ago when the first episode of Star Trek aired and even after movies depicting this same technology appeared repeatedly. Well, the time for imagination to reach reality has finally come.

Scientists of two teams conducted their first teleportation successfully from inside a laboratory to just outside the vicinity of the laboratory proving that this ability to teleport is feasible.  Since then teams of scientists have been trying to get this technology mastered, but have had much difficulty in achieving this goal. That is until a team of Chinese scientists completed their first successful teleportation of an object into a satellite orbiting Earth which was 311 miles away.


To be more specific, the Chinese team beamed a photon in the photo receiver of a highly sensitive satellite called Micius. A photon is a representation of what a fax does with a piece of paper and the other machine receives it on the other end. In order for the data to be replicated, it needs to read the data, translate it, and then it transfers the state of the object rather than the physical object. This is the same that is done with teleportation. The photon is that transmitted quantum of light or other electromagnetic radiation. This photon is the first steps of transmission of data from one surface to another and it was received successfully.

Simply put, data can now be teleported instead of via wireless, radio, or other conventional frequencies. This completely makes cords and the limitations of data transmissions obsolete. The next phase in the process is sending physical beings. Sending physical beings is a bit more complicated as breaking down a beings physical chemistry, converting it into data, then the receiver having the ability to recompose the data and piecing the physical being back with all the data intact is a task within itself. However, the first phases of this technology are now underway and sending an object as a photon, then receiving it 311 miles away shows that we are on the right path. This not only changes the way how we transmit data today in the modern world, but also gives light into how could potentially travel in years to come.









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Free Wi-Fi anyone? Plus Free Calls? LinkNYC is providing Gigabit Wi-Fi access and U.S. calls for Free!

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

Link Booth Pictures 2

Most people have barred the thought of using pay phones for anything these days. Most of them, if existent, are either broken down or hasn’t been used in a very long time.  Pay phones which were once the trend of the 80s-90’s is now the dinosaur of the 2000’s.  No longer are pay phones the starting point for conversations, but now seeing one that works is like seeing a historic exhibit.  Just leave it to New Yorkers to change the dying trend and revamp them into the next big wave.


Already in progress and construction is the replacement of all of New York’s 10,000 pay phones into what is rapidly being called “Links”.  The project is being called LinkNYC.  In many locations already the payphones are being replaced by Links.  Instead of seeing the broken down features of the payphone, you are seeing big and bright advertisements that cover the entire more than 50% of the station on both sides.


These stations do more than just advertise products, but offer FREE, yes, that’s right F R E E Wi-Fi access to anyone passing by.  The most important part is that the access to these Wi-Fi spots give Gigabit speeds which is 20 times faster than most New Yorkers home internet.  What that translates to is that downloading a 2hr HD movie can be downloaded as fast as 30 seconds.  That is some serious speed while you are on the go in the streets of New York.

Link Booth Pictures

The surprises don’t stop there for LinkNYC either.  You will also be able to make free nation-wide calls in the U.S., access to city services, directions, 311 access, 911 access, and free charging station for mobile devices. All these features bundled up into each of the Links installed.  The Links have been designed by the team at Antenna Design which make the Links compliant with the American Disabilities Act. CityBridge is the consortium behind the development of the units.


At this point everyone is wondering how is all of this being funded? Does this mean an increase in taxes, or will there be a surcharge being spiked up for New Yorkers?  The answer to the question is that New York plans to fund these Links by advertisements all around the Links.  The large and colorful screens on the sides of the Links can not only display ads, but also public announcements and emergencies.  The ads which are anticipated to generate more than $500 million in revenue will eliminate the need for taxes to be a source of revenue.

The project go-live date is the end of 2015.



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