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Artificial Intelligence, Rapid Integration, and the move to Consciousness!

Saturday, July 29th, 2017

It has been talked about and brought to life in movies and series such as Star Trek, and I, Robot. In Star Trek we see machines such as Data which is self-aware, but very helpful to human beings and also very protective of the human race. On the other hand we see I, Robot in which the robots choose to use their state of consciousness in order to take over and move to attempt to eliminate the human race. Both are similar in their depiction of Artificial Intelligence being a constantly evolving software that reaches the tipping point to choose to be either “bad” or “good”.



In the news, articles and shows, the word AI has been used so frequently that most people when they hear the word it doesn’t prime a severe reaction, but maybe a grunt or good read if you are lucky. However, lets peel back the possibilities and see where we are today using Artificial Intelligence. We are rapidly developing AI as a human race on a global scale. The integration of AI in almost every technology has been seamless and most people use AI daily without even realizing the gradual integration. For example, Siri, Google Now, and Cortana are virtual assistants that assist users in making their experience with a device more interactive and memorable. AI in the background gathers and uses the information to be more efficient at helping its owners to achieve any task they desire on their device of choice.

Video games is another noted system integrated with AI which is why the game changes scenes and difficulty levels due to the playing habits and skill level of the user or users playing the games.  The software constantly is learning and using the data from the games being played in order to become better and more efficient. Over the years the types of AI and the ability that the software has compared to years ago is a completely different system now compared to then. One heavily AI integrated game is 2014’s Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. In this game, each of the non-player characters have individual personality and memories of past interactions including previous objectives. Other noted games are Call of Duty and Far Cry which use the data gathered by AI to strategize, analyze environments, investigate sounds, and find objects. This AI is a money maker in its usefulness which is why gamers are always spending millions of dollars to keep up with this technology and assist in making it greater.




If you are noticing a rise in “self-driving” cars or cars that can reverse and park on their own, well this is because they have an on-board AI which is constantly learning and can depict the environment to determine when to move the wheel, change gears, or apply the brake in various cases.  In the news lately has been Google’s self-driving car project and Tesla’s auto-driving feature. The algorithm that Google is using for its AI is capable or allowing the AI to learn how to drive in the same manner that humans are capable.

There are so many notable instance of AI in today’s society which include purchase prediction, fraud protection, online customer support, and much more. Some of the more notable aspects are AI being able to monitor security surveillance, recommend movies, smart home devices, and much more. There is even a second layer to the AI intelligence arena which has been noted ahead of its time, but is giving AI the access and data it needs to learn part of us allowing AI to be self-aware and self-reliant? Well the answer to that is no, because every action of AI currently needs commands to be programed in the machine in order for it to learn or gesture in the manner that we see.


So the answer to the question is “no”, there is no wave of robots etching to take over the world in the near future as they become self-aware, but with advances in AI including Deep Learning integration, the possibilities of tomorrow are endless.









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JIBO, The Home Robot that is Changing In-Home Technology!

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017


In the year 2017 Captain Kirk of the Starship enterprise would have viewed many of the gadgets we use today as futuristic and what will take hundreds of years to create and put into public hands. Little did he know when he was on Star Trek that many of these gadgets would be up for everyday use today in 2017 ahead of its time as shown on Star Trek. One of these devices which has come on the market this year that is for everyday use is Artificial Intelligence, or in this specific case, its name is called Jibo.


Jibo as the name implies is of Japanese concept, but the its creator “Cynthia Breazel” and her team has managed to bring new light to the vision of AI and what it can do. The team at Jibo, even though Boston based, have managed to enhance the different possibilities of AI and its many integration benefits in the home.  Jibo, since being available on the market in 2016, has managed to be sold out at every angle. Many consumers are jumping at their chance to get a piece of AI in their home at a fraction of the cost that it once was thought to be sold for.

Before we get into pricing for Jibo, lets jump into the many technological and social advantages that Jibo can and has provided to the home. This robot is fully comprehensive in its offerings. From speech recognition software that is dubbed ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) to Facial Recognition software that is truly ahead of its time. The combination of these features on top of the rapidly learning AI, gives this robot an in-home boost that changes the face of “At Home Technology”.


Jibo is shaped more like a desk fan than a robot, but packs a basket load of features. Some of these features include taking pictures or videos of people in a room with a 360-degree pivoting face camera that motion tracks the individuals. Jibo can be voice activated once entering a room to recognize the person speaking from its ASR, update to-do lists, schedule events, read text messages, take responses and send them back, update contact lists and more done verbally.  Jibo can read stories with expressive displays, call your nearest restaurant and complete orders, make phone calls, and much more.  Even though being small physically, its personality is large with how it expresses emotion. Whether it is emitting robot giggles, swiveling its body in an animated nature, or how many ways it displays its one-eyed stare, Jibo has no problems with expression.


From a nuts and bolts standpoint, Jibo has low-power microprocessors, 3-D sensors, accelerometers, gyroscopes, and lightweight lithium batteries. Each component of Jibo is designed to enrich the user’s experience, but also to protect as well. The facial recognition software which can automatically pick up movement and zoom or follow someone entering a room.  Jibo can turn on at a sound that is in the room to begin recording or send out alerts. Jibo can also interact with smart appliances in the home such as lights, air conditioning/heat, depending on what is a “smart” appliance in your home. Even though Jibo is not yet integrated with security systems, its developers promise that it will be soon.





From a technology standpoint Jibo seems like a dream come true and a huge step in the direction of home robots, but from a pricing standpoint, many are taken back in disbelief. Jibo retails from $500 to $750 depending on the color and if it is a developer version. With orders that are backed up from 2016, Jibo creators are scrambling to fulfill orders, while putting on hold current orders to make sure that they provide the same quality with each Jibo that is shipped. Jibo has a bright future ahead and the team at IT GURUS OF ATLANTA are here watching them as they take flight and change people’s homes one Jibo at a time.



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