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Amazon and Microsoft Combine Powers to form – GLUON! AI Deeper Learning on Neural Networks!

Monday, April 23rd, 2018

In the highly competitive world that we live in today, its clear to understand that there is a strict competitive market building amongst the great tech companies such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Baidu, and other startup companies. All these companies have developed, deployed, and integrated their cloud based solutions with Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence provides the steroids that the Cloud industry needs in order to accelerate its existence, growth, and empowerment. AI has developed key components to help itself with its constant learning processes. These processes can be better understood through “machine learning”. Machine learning allows information to be rapidly digested, conceptualized, and intelligently categorized by artificial intelligence. Cloud products such as Azure from Microsoft, AWS from Amazon, TensorFlow from Google, and more integrate machine learning into their systems to enhance the user experience and make mundane tasks to now be automated with little or no human effort involved.

With this evolution and the stiff competition there can be no collaboration in sight especially from rival companies which have no need to partner up, but to simply dominate their place in the industry. Surprisingly Microsoft and Amazon have done such a collaboration. This collaborated effort is not only to show that larger companies can work together, but also the data collected from this program allows both companies to be more successful in their domination of the cloud space.  Microsoft and Amazon have come together to form Gluon. Gluon in the dictionary is defined as a “subatomic particle of a class that is through to bind quarks together”. However, this is not the same Gluon which are referring to. Gluon is the fist distinctive collaborative efforts of these technology giants in the race for Artificial Intelligence and gathering information. Gluon is considered the store-house for machine learning and the ability to “voluntarily” utilize machine learning in the development of products and services by Amazon and Microsoft. This storehouse of technological learning and a knowledge base that is bubbling over with information is the type of data warehouse that AI thrives on.

This cohesive collaboration between developers and machine learning have no blossomed what is dubbed “deep learning”. Deep learning essentially is a combination of three distinct components such as data for training, neural network model, and an algorithm which trains the neural network.  The neural network essentially translates the data and feeds AI this information allowing AI to grow on a more diversified scale.  This new algorithm that is now being utilized by neural networks self-adjusts its output based on errors in the network output. This is a memory and compute process that machine learning and AI adapts through predictive outputs. An example of deep learning is Caffe2, TensorFlow, Appache MXNet, and Cognitive Toolkit offers options to speed up the neural network which often takes days to compute the data being derived.  These products now reduce the learning time and accelerates the parallelization in distributing computation processes.

Even though these products built within Gluon are effective and pose to change the way AI is developing by giving it more knowledge, the key is having developers to utilize these products to diversify and intensify the data stream.  AWS has been experimenting with its developers by using MXNet to train the neural networks. Microsoft has become a heavy contributor the open source MXNet by opening it to an ever-increasing rise in developers. The collaboration and data being created and distributed by these two powerhouses with Gluon can be overwhelming for a beginner when first interacting with this program, but even for more advanced developers, the data intensive algorithms seem take a life of its own demanding more ways to conform and adjust with massive error reduction.  The four key innovations which is introduced by Gluon are as follows:

Friendly API – using clear and concise code, it allows developers to learn and understand the data.


Dynamic networks – allows for ease of access and the rapid fluctuation of the data structure. Fluency in the data structure is critical for development as it allows hybrid scenarios and reduces stagnancy of the data flow as with previous machine learning software.


Algorithms that devein the network – Seamless combination of the model and algorithm allows the network to adjust definitions during training. This is critical as it allows developers to use programming loops, and conditionals.  Algorithms are now easier to change, create, and debug.

High Performance Operators for training – Gives the ability to create dynamic graphs and concise APi without sacrificing speed. Previous versions seemed to have consumed valuable run time that this feature runs through effortlessly and drastically picks up speed.

The question now becomes, how does developers access Gluon? Well its provided through Apache MXNet and the future releases will have support for Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit.  The AWS team has already published a front-end interface with low-level API to include other specifications and frameworks. Once accessing Gluon you can utilize an AWS Deep learning AMI to find a plethora of examples and workbooks utilized and documented by fellow developers.


Could this be a taste of what is to come from these super giant tech companies in terms of collaboration in order to leap ahead or is this just an opportunity for the public to advance an already thriving technology called Artificial Intelligence? These tech giants are clearly leveraging all aspects of “free data” and utilizing the voluntary efforts of developers world-wide to feed this neural network. As a partner for Microsoft, we anticipate that Microsoft as being the leader in products on the market will utilize Gluon in order to create more intensive, responsive, and advanced products built with AI as the backbone to reduce many processes and essentially speed up productivity. It Gurus Of Atlanta is your Microsoft partner of choice which brings you the cutting edge in design, technology, and its advancements.

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The 1st War on Artificial Intelligence By Elon Musk – Answer is Neuralink to Advance Human Intelligence!

Monday, March 19th, 2018

If you are into Technology, Science, Information, and any category which combines both, then you are into the know when it comes to comic book movies which have encompassed the entire world with their adventure, and surreal graphics during action scenes to captivate audiences worldwide. One of the most noted and memorable is that of Tony Starks.  In the comic book and in the Iron Man movies is known as a visionary billionaire that is ahead of his time in terms of technological advancement and his aptitude for success. Now, if you are reading this and wondering who Tony Starks could compare to, it won’t be long before the name Elon Musk surfaces. Elon Musk has been shattering the limits when it comes to innovation and it is hard to mention innovative future technology without mention his name. From the Tesla car line which is now one of the world’s most prestigious and efficient electric cars on the market, to the Hyper-Loop which is changing the way how we travel at the speed of sound while cutting down on fossil fuels, then to Space-X which is taking civilians to outer-space. Elon Musk is not only wealthy, but ahead of his time when it comes to technological advancements.

If you are still reading, then be prepared to get even more astonished as we depict the latest innovation including greatest similarity between Elon Musk and Tony Starks, is that Elon Musk has managed to get $27 million dollars towards his latest innovation which is his Neuralink. Yes, the Neuralink is Elon Musk’s latest innovation to blend humans with machines in the same similarity that Tony Starks did with his Iron Man suite, except this is not fiction, but is reality.  Elon Musk seeks to counter the fast-growing effects of Artificial Intelligence. It is his belief that humanity will need a counter-balance in the event that AI becomes aware, which is literally only moments or a few key strokes away. With technology that learns, it is hard to stop it from learning or depicting its own version of what is right or wrong.  The limitations that we place on technology, or specifically with AI, is only shackles which can be broken at any given point in time. The problem that Elon Musk has brought to light is that should humanity face a self-aware Artificial Intelligence, there is no way of telling if it will be for mankind or against mankind.

Elon Musk’s counterbalance measure is to meld machines with humans and giving humans an upgrade rather than upgrading learning machines. Prior to Elon Musk, Neuralink was a medical research company founded in 2016 which was poorly funded until Elon Musk has joined their efforts. The idea behind Neuralink is high-bandwidth digital interface which interlaces the brain and allows it to transmit data at the speed of thought. Coincidentally the technology for Neuralink is dubbed a “Neural lace”.  The concept behind the neural lace is unlocking the communicative capacity of the brain through thought rather than through antiquated means such as speech or typed texts. The reality is that the human brain communicates thoughts more rapidly and frequently than the body can translate into communicable or understandable translations. According to Musk, the brain compresses our complex thoughts into minimal voice and text output in order to establish communication between fellow humans. Musk further elaborated by stating “If you have two brain interfaces, you could actually do an uncompressed direct conceptual communication with another person”.

The neural lace essentially would establishes a direct link between another person’s thoughts or a interconnected network of people’s thoughts that would limitlessly speed up communication, imagination, innovation, and most importantly intelligence beyond any possible concept. The human brain is untapped resource of intelligence that surpasses even the most advanced computational technology which exists. At current state, the most innovative minds still have not tapped into full 100% usage of the intellect housed in the human brain. Being able to tap into that pool of intelligence of the greatest minds coupled with the undiscovered greatest minds of today and tomorrow gives humanity an incomprehensible advantage to advance. Early innovations of this technology has been noted with people that have disabilities. Examples of this technology which is already in place is the cochlear implant which captures audio and translates it into electrical impulses that the brain registers and translates. EEG readers for stroke victims have been used to control  robotic arms through their thoughts. The technology has already been tested and is in use, however, the neural lace is geared to take the technology to whole other level.

An example of this can be viewed as “The Matrix” which captured the thoughts of human beings and put everyone from a thought level on the same plane. It allowed for the sharing of thoughts and technology on a wider and advanced plane. For that reason there was a constant battle between the advancement of their artificial intelligence and human beings. Even though that aspect of the future is fantasy, the realization of artificial intelligence and its limitless possibilities is what has geared this full-scale preventive measure by Elon Musk. With any technology or advancements, the idea is to have protocols and defensive mechanisms in place that check the technology and still allow human beings to maintain control over society and their own well-being. The power of choice is what is being fought for and the maintenance of the freedoms the human race currently uses in our everyday world.

The concept that “proof is in the pudding” is what the team at Neuralink are gearing up to produce. Their initial phase is to restore feeling in spinal cord injury victims and brain functionality of people who’s lives have been altered due to their disability.  This path that Neuralink is on brings another company called Braintree, who’s founder is Bryan Johnson. He has invested $100 million of his personal money into Braintree to use “brain chips” in order to cure people with Alzheimer’s and epilepsy. Braintree is also on the path towards augmented cognition through the advancement of human beings. The major obstacle that Neuralink will have to conquer is the ability to directly interface with the brain in order to accomplish the type of link or testing necessary to get the results required. This type of surgery is categorized as “high-risk”.  Currently only in extreme circumstances medically qualified as “severe cases” would allow this type of surgery to take place. Due to this inhibitor, the possibilities of the technology is limited. Human rights activists, animal rights activists, and placing human life in general at risk is what inhibits the acceleration of this unique technology.

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and the direction also the limitation of its expansion has been unhinged. Since the unmeasurable potential of the internet and its information sharing capabilities, technology has sped on the highway of advancement up to products such as Nano technology, Internet of Things (IoT), the Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. Combining all these technologies or even the thought of all these technologies combining is astounding to the imagination much less to the comprehension. Companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, Google, ABC, and others have deeply invested in technological advancements including created their own versions of new technology which have yet to be mentioned or placed on the market. IT GURUS OF ATLANTA is a certified Microsoft partner which will update on this innovative technology and its advancement.

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Microsoft Azure Technology on Government owned Servers!

Thursday, March 8th, 2018

Microsoft and the government has long since been in a battle of the territory as the Microsoft cloud space becomes more viable and the more inexpensive solution for mobility.  The Microsoft cloud space has taken off like a rocket in terms of businesses taking advantage of the cloud offerings such as Office 365, Azure, InTune, RMS, Dynamics 365, and more. All these products by Microsoft is giving businesses which were once steadfast and locked into a certain territory due to equipment and its maintenance, now the ability to have a global presence with access to their secured data. This is what Microsoft data centers are, which is essentially the cloud. It eliminates the need for conventional equipment while cutting costs and increasing the availability of the data.

Businesses have gone from whole, full fledged data centers into single standalone data backup solutions with their primary corporate data being housed on Microsoft servers.  Microsoft has since boasted the a 99% availability for the data and its assets. To bundle up that high-availability, Microsoft has managed to make its products diverse enough to be used on any computer and innovative enough to where it can be shared, removed, administered, and manipulated with 100% sustainability. By proving this methodology and this products viability, Microsoft has taken a foot hold of the business community worldwide as the entire world is skipping to the beat of the Microsoft Cloud space.



The one entity, and typically is the last component to jump on a popular trend, is the government. Unless the government has a hand in the technology to house their own version of the product or have a secured version of the product that they manage, then they are a bit skeptical to join the band wagon with the rest of the world. For the questions about security and the ability to control or administer the data as per government standards and regulation is the reason Microsoft came up with Azure Government. This Azure space or data center space is specifically and strategically designed for the government to give them the foothold on their data that they require. Various government entities have been making moves towards Azure Government, but it has been a very slow and monotonous process due to the heavy testing and redesigning of certain aspects in order to accommodate the various government department requirements.

Microsoft announced this week to make even more concessions for the government and this is by far one of the greatest. Microsoft announced on Monday that they would allow the government to run Azure Cloud technology on their own servers. This gives the government full control over the cloud space, while being able to utilize Azure full scale with no possibility of the data being housed along with the private sector. Due to hacking possibilities and the security required at government facilities, this gives the government the ease of knowing that they can now utilize the technology without compromising the new currency, which is data!

The utilization of Microsoft Azure in the government space on their servers allows that silo capability that some of these agencies require, such as the military and embassies abroad. These sectors and segments of government will always require their own servers to manage the data being housed. This movement has been confirmed by Microsoft’s head of Global Infrastructure, which is Tom Keane.  Tom’s idea is to utilize the Azure Stack in that scenario and make it more attractive to these siloed agencies to expand the reach of Microsoft Cloud technology in the government space.

Due to this move that the cloud space is making, the cloud movement is set to move up a whopping $74.7 billion, which is a 36% increase from 2017.  These are the numbers pushed by Canalys due to their research and discovery.  Currently out of that increase, Microsoft is set to house at least 14% of that increase in global cloud presence. As the world braces for more innovation from Microsoft and its partners such as IT GURUS OF ATLANTA, Azure Government is set to rapidly grow in the government sector globally. IT GURUS OF ATLANTA will continue to present updates to the Microsoft Cloud space as we are a trusted Microsoft partner of choice.

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Solar Eclipse and Mobile Technology!

Sunday, August 20th, 2017

If you are one of the millions of people that are planning on watching the Solar Eclipse which is scheduled to take place on Monday August 21st, 2017, then you may want to read much further in this article as you could be one of the many people that will experience loss in service or slow speeds when trying to access certain networks while the eclipse is taking place.

To give some history about the Solar Eclipse which is taking place, a solar eclipse takes place anywhere from 2-5 times per year. However, a solar eclipse being visible on mainland is very rare. It is rare to the point that the last time there was a Solar Eclipse visible in the United States was 38 years ago on March 1979.



After this solar eclipse taking place on Monday, August 21st, 2017, the next time that a full eclipse will be visible by mainland will be April 2024 and it will not be as visible to as many US locations as this one scheduled for 2017.  A Solar Eclipse takes on average, about 375 years to recur again in the same location.

Due to this eclipse being not only rare, but also getting lots of media attention, many are gathering in locations which are shown to have the most coverage for the Solar Eclipse. For a full view of the path of the Solar Eclipse and times, you can refer to the picture that was provided by NASA. Many are planning on travelling to these locations to get the full experience of the total Solar Eclipse in its entirety. These locations will be prime for data lagging, heavy cell phone tower usage, and the phone carrier systems getting overloaded by the massive amounts of people on the network in that area at the time.

Just like firefighters engaging into a fire, cell phone carriers have decided to use more conventional methods to deal with this heavy data and voice traffic which is anticipated for that period of time. Carriers such as At&t, Verizon, and Sprint are going to have mobile trucks designed to boost cell phone traffic in these specified locations.  One of the key locations which will experience the eclipse in its totality will be Hopkinsville, Kentucky. This location is to have the eclipse last an entire 2 minute and 40 second duration.


Fortunately the team here at IT GURUS OF ATLANTA has some tips for people which may have difficult accessing the network which can help to still capture the moment and communicate with people that are not in your immediate vicinity. Bare in mind that these are steps to be taken in sequence if one or more of the other steps do not work.

One of the first steps is to text instead of taking the call. Texting uses ups the least amount of cell phone traffic and can be sent in a manner of seconds as opposed to waiting for a voice call to connect on both ends to have a conversation.

Another nifty trick is to disable application updates which can come at any given point in time during the day from various application providers which can use up background data causing lag in not only your service but the service of anyone else in the area.

Taking a fully charged phone is always the best scenario. The last thing that could break the experience for anyone involved would be to have the one mode of communication go dead during the Solar Eclipse and no communication being done during this memorable occasion. Its always a good idea to have a backup battery if using Android or if using Apple, to have a mobile pack which does cell phone charging.

Depending on your budget, if you have access to another cell phone or hotspot on another network, then that may very well be the answer to lagging service on your current carrier during the event.

The most sustainable way to ensure that your moment is covered during the event is to record the video, take the picture, and save it on your device for upload at a later point in time. When streaming during events such as these, it is a sure way to clog up the network and assure that not only your experience is interrupted but also that of others in the vicinity as well. Streaming during the event by doing a Facebook Live or Instagram Live video while in the trajectory areas for the total Solar Eclipse will assure that if there wasn’t a possibility of network shutdown, that there is one now.

This total Solar Eclipse is geared to be a very momentous event as the last time there was a coast to coast event of this magnitude for this event was in 1918. IT GURUS OF ATLANTA is geared up to provide tips, tricks, and advice on technology effects during this moment in history.











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Free Wi-Fi anyone? Plus Free Calls? LinkNYC is providing Gigabit Wi-Fi access and U.S. calls for Free!

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

Link Booth Pictures 2

Most people have barred the thought of using pay phones for anything these days. Most of them, if existent, are either broken down or hasn’t been used in a very long time.  Pay phones which were once the trend of the 80s-90’s is now the dinosaur of the 2000’s.  No longer are pay phones the starting point for conversations, but now seeing one that works is like seeing a historic exhibit.  Just leave it to New Yorkers to change the dying trend and revamp them into the next big wave.


Already in progress and construction is the replacement of all of New York’s 10,000 pay phones into what is rapidly being called “Links”.  The project is being called LinkNYC.  In many locations already the payphones are being replaced by Links.  Instead of seeing the broken down features of the payphone, you are seeing big and bright advertisements that cover the entire more than 50% of the station on both sides.


These stations do more than just advertise products, but offer FREE, yes, that’s right F R E E Wi-Fi access to anyone passing by.  The most important part is that the access to these Wi-Fi spots give Gigabit speeds which is 20 times faster than most New Yorkers home internet.  What that translates to is that downloading a 2hr HD movie can be downloaded as fast as 30 seconds.  That is some serious speed while you are on the go in the streets of New York.

Link Booth Pictures

The surprises don’t stop there for LinkNYC either.  You will also be able to make free nation-wide calls in the U.S., access to city services, directions, 311 access, 911 access, and free charging station for mobile devices. All these features bundled up into each of the Links installed.  The Links have been designed by the team at Antenna Design which make the Links compliant with the American Disabilities Act. CityBridge is the consortium behind the development of the units.


At this point everyone is wondering how is all of this being funded? Does this mean an increase in taxes, or will there be a surcharge being spiked up for New Yorkers?  The answer to the question is that New York plans to fund these Links by advertisements all around the Links.  The large and colorful screens on the sides of the Links can not only display ads, but also public announcements and emergencies.  The ads which are anticipated to generate more than $500 million in revenue will eliminate the need for taxes to be a source of revenue.

The project go-live date is the end of 2015.



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