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The Cloud! What is it? – The Cloud Explained

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

The new technical term which is spreading all over the world like wild fire is the “cloud”.  Join IT GURUS OF ATLANTA, a Microsoft Partner on this journey to show how we arrived at the Cloud, its importance, and why companies are running to get their data on the cloud.  So, let’s start from the top, to figure what people think of when hearing the words “The Cloud”.  When at first hearing the term, the typical mind may go to the thoughts of cloud in the sky and a more technical mind would think virtual. Well to be honest, both answers are not too far from each other. The cloud in more technical terms is the elimination of physical equipment such as servers which are typically used on-premise such as in server rooms which a lot of companies and government agencies house their pertinent data. All traffic goes from the user, computer, over the internet or intranet, and then ends up being housed somewhere. From the websites that we all visit such as Google, Yahoo, CNN, or our favorite channels such as HBO, Showtime, and more are located on servers. These huge data storage devices can be further divvied up into other storage devices such as SAN (Storage Area Network) or NAS (Network Attached Storage). All data from the internet, a person’s computer is all stored somewhere and these serves store the data from the devices.

Another thought that people have is, what happens to the data that is stored on my computer? Well the storage on your computer is very limited. This means that even the larger computer storage that can be installed on laptop or desktop such as 1TB (1 terabyte) or 3TB (3 terabytes) of data is still not enough to house all the data that a company or a user may have. This causes for companies to seek out other means of storage. Years, ago companies went to portable storage devices such as disks, CDs, and portable storage devices. Then the industry realized that trusting users to handle the data and its security is where the trust line and ability for accidents gets blurred. A company and individual’s life’s work can be housed in the data that is being tallied by users. That’s where servers came into a big relief. Servers could be stored locally at the company’s designated location where the user data is uploaded and stored. The industry saw the benefit and it wasn’t long before the servers began to run redundancy which means that the servers had a back, and the backup had a backup. This increases the availability of the data in case of natural or unnatural disasters and data breaches. The data can be utilized even if whole data centers housing thousands of servers go down.  The data is immediately available by its counterpart data centers which already backed up the latest data upload. The user on the other end does not experience more than a second or millisecond in lag time between the data centers and accessing the needed data.

Data centers have become the wave of the future by housing servers, NAS, and SANs which have unprecedented amounts of storage. Unfortunately, due to the cost of owning a data center, companies only kept redundant systems at a data center and kept most of their key systems on premise. These key systems involved constant watch of a human eye to ensure high availability and engineers to do maintenance on the servers. Buying a server, maintaining the server, which includes applying the latest security patches, load balancing, error resolution, and hardware updating is a constant cost and struggle for companies to maintain. However, with this cost of doing business, most companies have accepted the cost to maintain data. Data is the heartbeat of any company, organization, or government agency. As everything that businesses and individuals do today become increasingly digital is where the data and the storage of this data becomes increasingly needed.


One of the aspects of technology which has taken a huge increase over the years is the ability to go virtual. Companies such as VMWare came out with VMWare, Microsoft with Hyper-V, and Citrix with XenServer. What were these products? Well to be frank, this is another link in the chain for the “Cloud”. These companies came up with virtual servers. These storage and computing devices could be housed on a physical server. This means that one server with enough memory, storage, and processing power could house 2-15 or more servers virtually. So many say, how is that done? Well from a high level, what Microsoft, Citrix, and VMWare did was allow servers to be created from each processor and core on a physical server and virtually partition the space on the physical server to be dedicated to each virtual server. In layman’s terms this means if a server has 4 processors, 16 gigs of RAM (Random Access Memory), and 120 Gigs of physical memory, then the virtual software could dedicate physical attributes to one or many more virtual servers.  An example of this is a virtual server using 1 processor, 2 gigs or ram, and 20 gigs of physical space for the predefined server to a spin up virtual server. This means that the physical server could house multiple virtual servers based on its physical attributes.

This breakthrough quickly became a trend for top companies to follow.  Going virtual saved tons of money on the front end for physical servers and saved money on the back end by eliminating teams of engineers to now only a few engineers that maintain the smaller number of physical servers. In the event of cutting down engineers that maintain and monitor physical servers, the industry changing also increased the need for professionals to learn about virtual technology with architecture, design, and support.  Information Technology is an ever changing and developing industry in which professionals constantly must learn because there are constant updates and inventions that quickly make every day utilized technology obsolete. To stay up-to-date and technologically advanced, professionals must constantly study and learn better ways of utilizing technology to be expert providers.

Even though virtual technology is utilizing physical equipment to maximize and expound servers, it has graduated into virtual desktops. Virtual desktops allow users to go from one computer to another computer and have access to all their data and desktop as if they never left it. They simply need to user their secure logon ID to access their data on a completely different computer. All of this is stemmed from virtual technology. Now with all these advancements in virtual technology from virtual servers to virtual desktops, where is the next unconquered avenue for virtual technology to go? Well this is where the “Cloud” has come into play. The “Cloud” is data centers which we referred to earlier in this article. The” Cloud” is where companies can now eliminate their on-premise servers and have all their data stored at data centers. The businesses don’t own the data centers, nor do they own the servers, but they pay a price to companies that do own the data centers and the physical servers. One of the dominant companies which has taken advantage of the move to the “Cloud” is Microsoft.

Microsoft has well over 42 different data centers around the world and close to a million physical servers as they expand their cloud grasp on the world. Microsoft Office 365 is their flag ship which started by allowing businesses and government agencies to get rid of their physical exchange servers, cut down on the need to keep exchange architects, and allow users to access their mail data from anywhere and on any device securely. This quickly began a wave of movement of companies rapidly signing up for Office 365. The next aspect of their “Cloud” came Azure which allows the use and accessibility of Active Directory in virtually.  The other aspects of the Microsoft Cloud came InTune for MDM (Mobile Device Management), and RMS (Rights Management Suite). It wasn’t long before Microsoft decided to bundle all these products together under EMS (Enterprise Mobility Suite). This comprehensive product currently encompasses the largest products that are completely virtual saving companies millions and billions of dollars while drastically increasing productivity. This is an easy decision which is why government agencies have been signing up by the boatload for the Microsoft Government Cloud space. The stigma of security concerns over the crowd is gradually weaning away as Microsoft has shown that their “Cloud” product not only complies with security requirements of companies and government organizations, but it surpasses it.  Microsoft allows for users to utilize both on-premise and “Cloud” technology in hybrid modes that allow companies and agencies to still utilize their current equipment while still having the ability to access their data via the Microsoft Cloud.

It’s clear the “Cloud” is not going anywhere anytime soon, but in fact is the platform for even greater advancements in virtual technology to come. IT GURUS OF ATLANTA is a trusted Microsoft Partner which is certified to service clients wishing to advance to the Microsoft Cloud space. We are also paired with most major manufacturers as a reseller to provide computer hardware solutions to companies, government agencies, and data centers. We pride ourselves as a low cost, thoroughly experienced, certified, and a quantifiable company.  IT GURUS OF ATLANTA delivers services and products that exceed the current standards while proving to be a one-stop IT service and hardware provider.

We hope you enjoyed our journey in learning about the “Cloud”, where it is headed, where it is currently, and how to get the most out of this growing technology.



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Next Level Security – Microchipping – RFID on the Rise!

Thursday, July 27th, 2017

Do you ever get tired of reaching for your badge when going to work just so that you can get access? Do you forget your badge at home and have to go through a lot of hurdles just so that you can get access to the building? Do you have a badge for the building, and another access card for your computer? Well there is a rapidly growing company which has an answer for its employees which they are giving them totally free if they opt-in to getting it done. They are offering for their employees to get microchipped with their company access.


What do we mean by microchipped, well there are several movies that depict microchipping being done.  One of those movies could be StarTrek where the users simply walk up and the door knows their name or they are able to obtain any data that they need without scanning a badge or showing ID. This is because they had a microchip inserted beneath their skin which is read by the computer close by and it depicts the identity of the person which has the microchip. Three Square Market is a company which is zoning in on that concept and is offering it to their employees as an option this year.



Their employees will be able to log into computers, use facilities and equipment such as printers, open doors, and much more. Surprisingly enough, many people would squirm at the thought of having a medical procedure done to make it easier to access their job, but according to a report published by the company, about 50 employees have signed up to getting microchipped and more are expected to sign up. Three Market Square received their inspiration from another company called BioHax International which is a leader in microchipping and is pushing its belief in the technology across all platforms as a method of payment, security, and way of life.


RFID or Radio-Frequency Identification technology is becoming largely popular as it gives companies security in knowing that the only way for their information to be accessed is by an active employee. This is a one-time process which lasts the entire employment of the employee.  These chips can store critical information such as medical records, financial information, security clearances, log into computers, open doors, sharing business cards, unlocking phones, and much more.  This technology is replacing the need to keep up with passwords, badges, and credit cards, making the person having the chip completely independent of carrying around unnecessary material. The vision of RFID is for it to eventually become a requirement to have passport information, access public transportation, security, and handling all purchases.


This technology is by far already in use in society and is greatly becoming more and more frequent. Uses of RFID can be noted by supply chains using it to track goods at various supply chains, find lost dogs or cats, and also to report times from athletes.  This technology is definitely a wave of the future and will drastically change how we live and how we interact with each other on a global scale.  These chips by Three Square Market will be inserted between the thumb and the index finger in the space between the skin in that location. Other companies are researching the possibility of placing the chip in other locations within the body, but for now the hand seems to be the most practical location for being microchipped.






We at IT GURUS OF ATLANTA are steadily watching this technology as it develops and anticipate its expansion to go much further than Three Square Market. The myths and science fiction thought up in movies such as Star Trek are no longer dreams, but the reality that we live In today.



“All Your Company Information Technology Needs Under One Company”

3355 Lenox Road Atlanta, GA 30326


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“As a registered SAM.gov company, we service government entities across the entire US and Canada”

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Free Wi-Fi anyone? Plus Free Calls? LinkNYC is providing Gigabit Wi-Fi access and U.S. calls for Free!

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

Link Booth Pictures 2

Most people have barred the thought of using pay phones for anything these days. Most of them, if existent, are either broken down or hasn’t been used in a very long time.  Pay phones which were once the trend of the 80s-90’s is now the dinosaur of the 2000’s.  No longer are pay phones the starting point for conversations, but now seeing one that works is like seeing a historic exhibit.  Just leave it to New Yorkers to change the dying trend and revamp them into the next big wave.


Already in progress and construction is the replacement of all of New York’s 10,000 pay phones into what is rapidly being called “Links”.  The project is being called LinkNYC.  In many locations already the payphones are being replaced by Links.  Instead of seeing the broken down features of the payphone, you are seeing big and bright advertisements that cover the entire more than 50% of the station on both sides.


These stations do more than just advertise products, but offer FREE, yes, that’s right F R E E Wi-Fi access to anyone passing by.  The most important part is that the access to these Wi-Fi spots give Gigabit speeds which is 20 times faster than most New Yorkers home internet.  What that translates to is that downloading a 2hr HD movie can be downloaded as fast as 30 seconds.  That is some serious speed while you are on the go in the streets of New York.

Link Booth Pictures

The surprises don’t stop there for LinkNYC either.  You will also be able to make free nation-wide calls in the U.S., access to city services, directions, 311 access, 911 access, and free charging station for mobile devices. All these features bundled up into each of the Links installed.  The Links have been designed by the team at Antenna Design which make the Links compliant with the American Disabilities Act. CityBridge is the consortium behind the development of the units.


At this point everyone is wondering how is all of this being funded? Does this mean an increase in taxes, or will there be a surcharge being spiked up for New Yorkers?  The answer to the question is that New York plans to fund these Links by advertisements all around the Links.  The large and colorful screens on the sides of the Links can not only display ads, but also public announcements and emergencies.  The ads which are anticipated to generate more than $500 million in revenue will eliminate the need for taxes to be a source of revenue.

The project go-live date is the end of 2015.



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