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Database Concepts

Database Concepts and Strategies are offered by IT GURUS OF ATLANTA as solutions to cover data housing. Whether it is enhancing existing databases to make them more efficient, creating customized databases, or implementing a well-known database solution, IT GURUS OF ATLANTA has the solution which will work best for your business.

Our Concepts include:

IT GURUS OF ATLANTA DBA’s and Engineers specialize in automation processes which encompass scripting languages such as SQL, VBA, Pearl, VB, and PowerShell. Our experts have worked with various databases such as Oracle, SQL, Access, Excel, and other proprietary databases. Our teams are able to customize a solution for your company through expert programming, client-developer relations, project management, design, implementation, and training.

Effective Database Solutions Include

Fast delivery of company information with limited or no downtime is a requirement of databases. Databases can house proprietary information from Human Resources to customer PCI data which is necessary to function as a company. One of the most important concepts other than the type of data is that the information being housed, transferred, or utilized has to be secure. Data integrity is key when optimizing, creating, or developing a database solution for a client. The final piece to a database solution is to ensure that the database is capable of handling the capacity or requirements of the company. Seamless data transfer, access, and utilization is optimal to any database to be considered up-to-standard.

Database Management

Security, encryption, certification, authentication, and authorization are the key steps in ensuring data integrity when instilling database concepts and solutions. Active Directory authenticated user access, footprints, and password protection compounds the access and authorization needed to change, modify, or view sensitive departmental data. IT GURUS OF ATLANTA DBA’s are effective at mobilizing or staying onboard with a client to support or develop solutions that work best with any environment. DBMS and the meta-data within databases are the nuts and bolts behind proper database management. An effective transaction processing application interacts with Active Directory and any other authorization filters that give end-users access to information.

Database Backup

IT GURUS OF ATLANTA DBA’s strongly promote the use of a backup cloud solution. This allows the data to be taken in to a virtual environment and snap-shots can be taken to quick restoration of databases back to a previous state should the database crash or fail. Whether it is VDL, SDL, DML, or DDL, all aspects of the databases and the data are conceptualized, projected, and encrypted which deters misuse, manipulation, or false access to the client data. IT GURUS OF ATLANTA offers both virtual in the cloud backup solutions as well as physical tape backup depending on the need of the client. We have partnered with the most reliable data warehousing companies to provide our clients with options to suit their budgets and need.

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