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About Us

IT Gurus of Atlanta is an Information Technology firm with Consulting and Hardware Services that offer a comprehensive suite of expertise to improve business operations with the latest technology. Our focus is on complete client satisfaction, which means that with us, the right solution is the solution that is right for our clients.

Our Experience

IT Gurus of Atlanta has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry. Originally opened in 2006 and has since experienced ascending steady growth. In Atlanta, we have won awards for best IT service provider in 2012, 2014, and now in 2017.

We have serviced companies such as Intensity Corporation, Coca Cola Enterprises, and T-Mobile, to name a few. Our experience with large and small scale businesses has led us to change the way IT services are being delivered. No more second class services at top dollar prices. Now there are world class services at discount prices to both commercial and government entities. The best service is service that exceeds expectations, meets requirements, and saves our clients dollars on the bottom line.

Under the leadership of our CEO and CIO, IT Gurus of Atlanta now has branched it’s services from the Metro Atlanta, GA area to now encompassing cities and states nationwide in the U.S.. This expansion to becoming a nationwide Managed Services and Computer Hardware Solutions provider has come only through the vision and efforts of the staff at IT Gurus of Atlanta. We are a Microsoft Certified Partner and pride ourselves as Architects and Engineers for the Microsoft services product line.  Together we are all changing the face of Information Technology. IT GURUS OF ATLANTA is setting the bar and the trend for other companies to follow.

Even in times of economic downfall, IT Gurus of Atlanta has shown profits that defy the theory of every company having to downsize during hard times. Saving clients valuable time and finances at any angle we can is the standard at IT Gurus of Atlanta without sacrificing our quality in service and products. The future of IT Gurus of Atlanta is clear that we will continue to grow as a global competitor and as a known low cost IT conglomerate which has always catered to the needs of our commercial and government entities nationwide.

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