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Tying Technology with Service

Technology is a constantly changing and evolving concept which due to the efforts of today’s society, has become the mainstream for how we all communicate, view the world, and how we envision the future. This science of technology is a concept that was first started with the invention of the first wheel all the way up to us putting a man on the moon. The mother of invention is the thoughts and dreams that people begin to put into research and development of their ideas to make them tangible. A few of the more comprehensive results of technology is the cloud which are technically data centers spread across the world which help to reduce on the cost of hardware being purchased by companies and the overhead of having to pay administrators to maintain the equipment. This new feature which companies and government agencies alike are moving toward is changing the technological landscape.

The services which were once thought of as mundane or no respect that was given to Information Technology are no longer the overlooked or mediocre jobs. Information Technology professionals are now some of the most highly paid individuals that not only maintain a company, but also push that company ahead in an everchanging market. From software architects, engineers, project managers, and even down to the help desk person all play a part in ensuring that a company that has these individuals can compete against other organizations. From answering simple questions to creating designs to implement, all levels of Information Technology all have a process to get the product or service completed.

Many looked back to the 80’s or 90’s to see how the world viewed technology as a video tape player or a Walkman and a television set. The computer which was once depicted to be used by nerds with pocket protectors are now the Wolves of Wall Street or the Steve Jobs of the world. Getting in to where society is headed at an early stage is always an opportunity which knocks for everyone that is interested in Information Technology.  The most beautiful aspect of Information Technology is that even with all the inventions and progress that has been made, there is still plenty more to go. By saying that there is plenty more to go, it simply means that the possibilities of technology today are endless.

A recap on just a few months this year are the unveiling of the iPhone X which is taking the Apple community by storm and said to change the way how users interact with their smartphone for years to come. Another new revelation is the first commercial flight to the moon will take place in 2018 through Space X which is owned by Elon Musk. Elon Musk which coincidentally is the CEO for Tesla, America’s number electric car producer, oversees the Hyperloop which is on the verge of being put into mainstream.  There are so many inventions and advancements that are taking place by the moment that these are some very interesting times to be in.

We at IT GURUS OF ATLANTA are your premier provider for technical updates and news, but more importantly we are your trusted Microsoft Partner which offers the best in Cloud Solutions such as Azure, Office 365, and more. We also provide computer hardware from any manufacturer by advancing pure business credit to companies from small to large enterprises. We embrace technology from the core, but also know that for us to be successful in offerings, we must also ensure that our clients are satisfied with our services. Without ensuring that our clients are satisfied is like a weak link in a chain. IT GURUS OF ATLANTA does not believe in weak links in a chain. For that reason, we ensure that all our clients no matter how large or small, that we provide premium service at minimal cost. We tie technology and service together to ensure the technical news, our services, and products are always the best. We thank you for staying in contact with IT GURUS OF ATLANTA as we grow and present you with the latest in updates. Keep subscribing and reading as we ensure that all our readers are


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