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Google previews videos to search results on phones

Google is beginning to add what it calls “video previews” to search results. They’ll start out on Android, where they’ll appear for searches made in Chrome and the Google app. At first, they’ll only be in English and in the US, but Google plans to expand the feature globally and in all languages in the future. A spokesperson says Google also hopes to expand video previews to other platforms, so presumably iOS and perhaps the desktop are coming. You’ll now have an idea of what’s in a clip before you bother playing it. Now, if you do a Google search on your phone in either the app or Chrome, results in the video section will show not a static thumbnail image, but a snippet of the clip. The idea is to help you decide if you should click to the video or not. After all, more and more of the content we ingest online is taking the form of short film clips.

That video there on your screen, the one demanding to be watched — is it basically just gonna eat a few minutes of your life for no good reason? That’s the question Google wants to help you answer with a new search feature announced on Friday for its mobile app on Android and its Chrome browser on Android.

Google started rolling out the change on Friday and said the feature would be available more widely next week. The snippets play only if you’re on a Wi-Fi connection, so they shouldn’t affect data fees from your phone company. What’s that you say? Auto-play videos make you wanna scream? Relax; Google says you can simply turn off this feature by way of the settings menu in the Google app or in Chrome.


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