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Next Level Security – Microchipping – RFID on the Rise!

Do you ever get tired of reaching for your badge when going to work just so that you can get access? Do you forget your badge at home and have to go through a lot of hurdles just so that you can get access to the building? Do you have a badge for the building, and another access card for your computer? Well there is a rapidly growing company which has an answer for its employees which they are giving them totally free if they opt-in to getting it done. They are offering for their employees to get microchipped with their company access.


What do we mean by microchipped, well there are several movies that depict microchipping being done.  One of those movies could be StarTrek where the users simply walk up and the door knows their name or they are able to obtain any data that they need without scanning a badge or showing ID. This is because they had a microchip inserted beneath their skin which is read by the computer close by and it depicts the identity of the person which has the microchip. Three Square Market is a company which is zoning in on that concept and is offering it to their employees as an option this year.



Their employees will be able to log into computers, use facilities and equipment such as printers, open doors, and much more. Surprisingly enough, many people would squirm at the thought of having a medical procedure done to make it easier to access their job, but according to a report published by the company, about 50 employees have signed up to getting microchipped and more are expected to sign up. Three Market Square received their inspiration from another company called BioHax International which is a leader in microchipping and is pushing its belief in the technology across all platforms as a method of payment, security, and way of life.


RFID or Radio-Frequency Identification technology is becoming largely popular as it gives companies security in knowing that the only way for their information to be accessed is by an active employee. This is a one-time process which lasts the entire employment of the employee.  These chips can store critical information such as medical records, financial information, security clearances, log into computers, open doors, sharing business cards, unlocking phones, and much more.  This technology is replacing the need to keep up with passwords, badges, and credit cards, making the person having the chip completely independent of carrying around unnecessary material. The vision of RFID is for it to eventually become a requirement to have passport information, access public transportation, security, and handling all purchases.


This technology is by far already in use in society and is greatly becoming more and more frequent. Uses of RFID can be noted by supply chains using it to track goods at various supply chains, find lost dogs or cats, and also to report times from athletes.  This technology is definitely a wave of the future and will drastically change how we live and how we interact with each other on a global scale.  These chips by Three Square Market will be inserted between the thumb and the index finger in the space between the skin in that location. Other companies are researching the possibility of placing the chip in other locations within the body, but for now the hand seems to be the most practical location for being microchipped.






We at IT GURUS OF ATLANTA are steadily watching this technology as it develops and anticipate its expansion to go much further than Three Square Market. The myths and science fiction thought up in movies such as Star Trek are no longer dreams, but the reality that we live In today.



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