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Business IT Services

  • Information System Security
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Database Concepts and Strategies
  • Network Operations Center
  • Desktop Solutions
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Government IT Services

  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Architecture & Development
  • Service Management & Improvement
  • Engineering
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About Us

IT Gurus of Atlanta is an Information Technology firm with Consulting Services that offer a comprehensive suite of expertise to improve business operations with the latest technology.

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Cloud Technology Services

Our cloud IT services provide reliable data storage, real-time connectivity, improved security and a cost-effective IT system.

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Unlimited Credit for Computer Equipment

Are you a new or an existing company with computer hardware needs, but lack the personal and or business credit in order to get the products that your company needs? IT GURUS OF ATLANTA has the solution.

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Latest News:


Walmart announced it will begin testing a new service that will allow customers with August smart home devices, like the August doorbell and security cameras, to have their packages delivered inside their home instead of left on the doorstep. This test will also include online grocery orders, which won’t just be placed inside the house like […]

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Solar Energy the key to Limitless Energy Source!

Environment, Technology | September 21, 2017

We all know that energy is never destroyed, but simply converted from one from into another. Energy can be consumed, utilized, or transformed. Energy does not dissipate, but changes into another form. Now when it comes to energy, the world is in short supply of natural resources that are being consumed at an alarming rate. […]

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The 5 Best GoPro Drones

Most drones have a built-in camera for capturing awesome aerial photographs. Chances are, you already have an action camera like a GoPro. Why not put it to use with one of these top-rated drones that are compatible with GoPro cameras? We’ve rounded up some easy-to-fly picks at every price point. Traxxas Aton Plus Drone – Traxxas, the brand commonly […]

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