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Business IT Services

  • Information System Security
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Database Concepts and Strategies
  • Network Operations Center
  • Desktop Solutions
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Government IT Services

  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Architecture & Development
  • Service Management & Improvement
  • Engineering
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About Us

IT Gurus of Atlanta is an Information Technology firm with Consulting Services that offer a comprehensive suite of expertise to improve business operations with the latest technology.

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Cloud Technology Services

Our cloud IT services provide reliable data storage, real-time connectivity, improved security and a cost-effective IT system.

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Latest News:

When Your Computer or Phone Can’t Connect to a Public Wi-Fi Network What to Do?

News, Technology | June 19, 2017

Most public networks use what’s called a Captive Portal. it’s the authorization page where you accept the place’s terms and click “Connect” to access their free Wi-Fi. The problem is, many modern browsers have issues redirecting to these captive portals because of new security protocols. Without getting overly-technical, this issue happens because of the wide […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Use SMS for Two-Factor Authentication

News, Technology | June 12, 2017

Security experts recommend using two-factor authentication to secure your online accounts wherever possible. Many services default to SMS verification, sending codes via text message to your phone when you try to sign in. But SMS messages have a lot of security problems, and are the least secure option for two-factor authentication. While we’re going to lay out […]

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News, Technology | June 6, 2017

Apple has a product that promises to “rock the house.” But what if that house is already rockin’? That’s the situation that Apple finds itself as it showed off its HomePod, a speaker that looks and acts a lot like competing products from Amazon and Google. The only hitch is Amazon has been at this […]

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