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Business IT Services

  • Information System Security
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Database Concepts and Strategies
  • Network Operations Center
  • Desktop Solutions
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Government IT Services

  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Architecture & Development
  • Service Management & Improvement
  • Engineering
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About Us

IT Gurus of Atlanta is an Information Technology firm with Consulting Services that offer a comprehensive suite of expertise to improve business operations with the latest technology.

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Cloud Technology Services

Our cloud IT services provide reliable data storage, real-time connectivity, improved security and a cost-effective IT system.

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Unlimited Credit for Computer Equipment

Are you a new or an existing company with computer hardware needs, but lack the personal and or business credit in order to get the products that your company needs? IT GURUS OF ATLANTA has the solution.

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Latest News:

Blind-spot Monitoring Systems

This technology uses ultrasonic sensors located on the car’s flanks to detect when a car is in your blind-spots. Most BLIS implementations will warn by illuminating a notification light on or near the side mirror on the appropriate side of the vehicle. If you activate your turn signal while BLIS is triggered, you’ll usually also […]

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A new umbrella may be just the answer for those of us who constantly forget or misplace our rainy-day gear. The Weatherman umbrella, which debuted Thursday, uses an app paired with a Bluetooth tracker to follow weather forecasts. The app sends real-time weather alerts and custom notifications, so you know when to bring along your umbrella. An […]

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Tesla’s new Roadster

The Roadster’s ability to go from zero to 60 in under two seconds is unprecedented, and would make this the quickest production car ever. It can run the quarter mile in 8.8 seconds. That’s faster than a Dodge Challenger Demon, an 840-horsepower single-seat car designed especially for drag racing. And its top speed of over 250 […]

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